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No, still no credits. Instead, we cut to Bailey standing on the edge of a busy street with a preoccupied look on her face. McDreamy walks up to her and wishes her a good morning. Bailey: "Shut up." I love her. McDreamy points out that he outranks her, but she ignores him (rightly) and mutters to herself about having forgotten something, something that is supposed to be happening that day. And then as McDreamy starts to cross the intersection, she realizes what it was and snatches him back to the sidewalk, just in time to prevent him from being run over by a horde of crazed bicyclists and the cars whose traffic pattern they are throwing into chaos. You know, Dr. Bailey, if you had waited just a couple more seconds to pull him back, you could have spared us all a lot of angst. The bicyclists keep flying past, jumping the curb, kicking at each other, and occasionally wiping out.

Bailey, trailed by her interns, stalks the halls of the hospital complaining about "fools on bikes killing themselves. It's natural selection, is what it is." Alex wonders what she's muttering about, and George asks him if he hasn't heard of "the race."

On the surgical floor, the Chief, McDreamy, and Burke admire the O.R. schedule. The Chief thinks it looks perfect and even predicts an early night. And then Bailey walks by and tells him, "Chief, Dead Baby bike race started twenty minutes ago." The Chief yells for everyone to prepare for all the Dead Baby bike race's victims (which I hope will not include any actual dead babies).

George explains the bike race to the other interns as they follow Bailey. Apparently, every year a bar (named the Dead Baby, as if you had to ask) sponsors an "underground bike race" (which sounds to me like it should run through the sewers) in which bike messengers compete. The only rule is the rule against eye-gouging, and the winner gets some free tequila. And where are the police in all of this? How hard is it to arrest a bunch of drunken bikers who are breaking a bunch of laws? Is the Seattle P.D. run by Rosco P. Coltrane? George and all of the other women think the race sounds moronic; Alex thinks it sounds cool. Bailey reappears and tells the assembled crew that she needs a volunteer to join the Chief in surgery. Everyone except for Meredith throws their hands up in the air, jostling to be selected. Bailey looks disgusted and picks George, I think because he's the person standing closest to her. Bailey gives all of the other interns the rules they need to follow in handling trauma, one of which is not to fight over patients. And as she leads them go the E.R., they all start running so they can get the very best patients for themselves. Surely there are credits now?

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