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George and Izzie are sitting in Mere's living room in the middle of a bunch of boxes. They're going through boxes of videotaped surgeries. Mere enters and asks them who unpacked her mother's stuff. Izzie explains that when she's upset, she likes to nest. Izzie and George are pretty oblivious, continuing to go through tapes while Mere stalks into the room and grabs some photos and knickknacks that Izzie unpacked and put on the mantle. Meredith: "No! No! We're not watching my mother's surgery tapes, we're not unpacking boxes, and we're not having long conversations where we celebrate the moments of our lives." She walks back out of the room, but on the way she picks up George's bottle of beer and yells at him to use a coaster. George plaintively calls after her, "I ordered Chinese food." Meredith screams back from another room, "I hate Chinese food!" Izzie and George dissolve into giggles. Commercials.

Cristina and Mere walk along the sidewalk outside the hospital. It's a bright and cheery morning. The beautiful weather has not improved Meredith's mood in the slightest; she's bitching about how helpful and friendly and thoughtful and kind and happy George and Izzie are. Cristina: "Kick them out." But Mere thinks she can't really do that, since she just asked them to move in. Cristina: "So what? You're just gonna repress everything into some deep dark twisted place until one day you snap and kill them?" Mere: "Yep." They walk past Alex, who asks why Bailey is making him work the ER for the second day in a row. Mere exposits that there are cyclists left over from the previous day's race -- people who were too stupid or drunk to come in for treatment when they were injured. Alex whines about Cristina getting the organ harvest on John Doe. She accuses him of being upset that a couple of women got the primo surgery, and he tells her that "boobs don't factor into it. Unless you want to show me yours." Cristina and Mere give each other a long look, announce that they're going to become lesbians, and walk away.

Cristina is in a conference room, meeting with Mrs. Doe and Little Girl Doe. She's getting the consent for the organ donation, and she's doing it with all the warmth you would expect. Bailey is standing at the door, watching. Cristina asks Mrs. Doe if she'll donate her husband's corneas, and Mrs. Doe is a bit put off. Cristina explains that a corneal transplant could restore someone's sight, and Mrs. Doe decides that sounds fine. And then Cristina asks if they can have his skin, which could be used to help burn victims. Mrs. Doe thinks this will make for an awkward funeral, and is not pleased. Cristina is completely flummoxed by this display of emotion, and walks out of the room. Bailey follows her and asks her what she's doing. Nobody is surprised to hear Cristina announce that she's not a people person. Cristina: "I can't do that. I can't talk to the families of patients. Sorry." Bailey looks like she's about to cut Cristina. She asks the patient's name, and after a few seconds, Cristina tells her that it's Kevin Davidson. Bailey tells her to think of him as Kevin Davidson, not as a corpse or a John Doe. I hope Bailey doesn't read this recap -- I would hate to have her mad at me. Bailey tells Cristina to buck up and get back in the room with Mrs. Davidson. Cristina re-enters the room, but a sappy song saves us from having to hear her awkward apology.

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