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Wish I Wasn't Here

Mark and Callie are scrubbing in for Margaret's surgery and discussing their intern strategy, which includes no looks over their shoulders and sending the interns with the tumor to pathology as soon as possible. They agree and bump elbows for morale before going in.

In another OR, Derek and Hunt are scrubbing in for their own surgery. Hunt can't believe the girls still aren't speaking and figures the surgery will be like two hours in an ice cave. Derek: "Working on Seattle's 'Man of the Year'." Hunt says that they have each other, and can talk about the Seahawks if necessary. Derek throws out the idea of just getting a beer while Mere and Cristina do the surgery themselves. It's not a bad one, honestly.

Izzie decides to try being more clear with Alex. She chases him into an on-call room and explains that her seeing Denny isn't like a dream, that instead she sees him when she's awake and they hang out. Well, in a very liberal definition of hanging out, yes. Alex guesses that she's just freaked out because he said he loved her, and Denny appears to admit that she is freaked out. Izzie just forges ahead and finally admits, "I see him and we have sex." I was going to say Alex is being willfully dense but seriously, who could believe that? He figures she is just fantasizing about Denny and while he wishes she was fantasizing about him, it's fine. Izzie is totally surprised that he doesn't care and she's definitely being willfully stupid to not press the issue because Alex obviously doesn't understand. He points out that when people die, the living get messed up by it. "Iz, I've been competing with that tool for a long time." Denny makes a face at the insult but Alex continues, "But I'd say he's kinda got the handicap now." He asks if Denny is there and then starts to kiss Izzie, asking if Denny can see. He seems to not hear as Izzie turns and tells Denny to go -- she's a little breathy as Alex's head has disappeared from the bottom of the screen. Denny's ticked off, but he does actually leave so that Izzie can have sex with an actual human.

Derek pulls the toothbrush out of Eric's spine and comments smoothly that it's no wonder he was complaining. Cristina jumps in to excitedly to rat out Meredith and the extra morphine, which of course ticks off Derek. Cristina tells them what Eric did and Derek thinks the girls shouldn't even be on the case. Meredith asks what could he do, jump off the table and get them? She sneers, "You're the one holding the knife." This episode has gone way beyond dramatic strife to just watching people being shitty to each other for way too long. It's not fun viewing. Hunt tries to change the subject by asking if anyone has done a somethingorother procedure. Meredith hasn't but would love to try, while Cristina has done it on cadavers and wouldn't need to "try." Meredith smoothly counters that medicine comes to some people naturally while others have to practice. It's probably the outright cattiest comment I've heard out of her mouth ever, and Cristina is totally stung. I still don't think it's like Cristina to be so affected, though, since she knows she's the best and a fight with her best friend wouldn't be enough to change that. Every doctor in the hospital has admitted she's the best, so why is this suddenly a dagger to her heart? Or rather, a toothbrush to her spine? Derek looks surprised at just how bad they've gotten and Hunt keeps his head down for a while and then asks about the Seahawks in a horribly clumsy change of subject. The look on Cristina's face clearly says it's over for him.

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