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Wish I Wasn't Here

Izzie is in bed and honestly, I don't know why she bothers to wear clothes to work anymore with the amount of time she spends naked in the on-call room. She puts Mark well to shame. Denny admits that he's jealous, and Izzie is sorry but begs him not to make her choose, because she can't. He tells her that she knows he can't do anything that would make her unhappy, and she sits up and tells him she loves him. "That's what you tell all the guys." Ha! She doesn't respond to the dig and instead says that it's her birthday and asks if he's going to get her a present. He tells her sadly, "I think I just did," while Melancholy Izzie music plays behind them.

Alex and his intern are watching Arizona as she makes a note in Jackson's chart. Bailey walks up as Arizona shakes her head. His test results are bad, and he needs to be put on the transplant list immediately for both an intestine and a liver. Bailey jumps in to ask for a second opinion, so Arizona pulls out a paper and stonily writes a name on it. She hands Bailey the name of someone at Johns Hopkins and says when he tells Bailey that Jackson needs a transplant, she needs to do it. Bailey gets defensive and says there's no need to snap, but Arizona (rightly) tells her that there is. She calls Bailey on second guessing everything Arizona has done and said, and reminds her that this is about Jackson and that if they waste any more time he won't live. I'll give her this -- Bailey takes it like a man and everything she's just been told clearly sinks in.

Cristina and Mere do some more ignoring while they scrub out, and Cristina stomps off to the elevator. Hunt sees her and does his very best Worried Face before going and asking if she's okay and wants to get a drink. She turns on him and asks if they're on again because it suits him, because she's a sad little girl who needs a friend? He stutters and she plows on to say that she can usually deal with his being hot and cold but she can't today. "Just leave me the hell alone." She then storms into the elevator and the doors close on a baffled Hunt. I hate this Cristina. I want her bite back without the giant chip on her shoulder from being so very wronged.

Sadie ambles down the hall towards Meredith, pausing to look into Eric's room. She asks what he did but Mere says it doesn't matter -- it was really bad and he's going to pay. Sadie asks gently if she wants to get a drink but Mere declines, although she's genuinely nice this time as opposed to her lunchtime attitude. After a moment, Sadie says that the two of them had a fight like this one. Mere seems not to remember so Sadie reminds her that they had a huge fight in Amsterdam, and that they made up but things were never the same between them. Sadie assures Mere with some badly mixed metaphors: "I'm a rolling stone. I bounce." But, she says, Meredith is about to do the same thing to Cristina, "And that girl mates for life." Mere argues that she apologized but Sadie asks if Mere meant it, clearly knowing the answer. She then tells Meredith sadly, "I miss you. As my friend, I miss you." If she'd been anything more than a loose cannon with no real backstory, maybe I would care more about that touching line. But... I don't.

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