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Wish I Wasn't Here

"We wish because we need help. And we're scared. And we know we may be asking too much..." In another magical room that seems to be downstairs at Mere's but where music isn't playing, Alex pulls foil off a plate to unveil a lopsided pink homemade cake for a delighted Izzie. He warns that the cake tastes funny, but the frosting is good," and then lights the candle with a lighter. Denny is in the doorway and has to admit, "It's a nice gesture, him baking for you." Alex tells her to make a wish, and she asks him, "What if I have everything I could ever want?" A boyfriend who doesn't yet realize you have some sort of medical or mental condition? Hot dog! Okay, I'm being mean -- I can't blame Alex at this point for not understanding just how messed up things really are. Mere VO's, "We still wish, though." Alex suggests she wish that nothing changes. Mere finishes, "Because, sometimes, they come true." Izzie blows out her candle and sends the room and the episode to black, with all of her twisted, unbalanced wishes having come true.

Is it just us or has this show gotten straight ridiculous? Take a look at our Grey's Anatomy: Dramatic Malpractice gallery for a countdown of its most annoying plotlines.

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