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Mark, Callie and George are in Margaret's room so Mark can tell her that she's got a tumor in her neck. This prompts more yelling at the ceiling so George jumps in to explain that the tumor is benign and easily removed, explaining that it has been telling her body to leech calcium from her bones and that's why she was having so many breaks. More yelling at the ceiling ensues, and despite George assuring her this is good news, she's not having it. Turns out she fell in love with a guy who had to move to Denver and asked her to go with him. But because Denver is icy and she might fall, she couldn't move. She's wrecked that a tumor is to blame for her losing the love of her life. Lexie then comes in to deliver labs and unwittingly tortures Mark some more while Callie tries to get him to focus.

There's no good news to be had in Jackson's OR -- once they've worked on him he'll have hardly any bowel left. Bailey jumps in and tries to be optimistic, but Arizona points out that the bowel is dead and his liver is cirrhotic, so they can't save anything. Bailey stutters but Arizona cuts her off to announce that Jackson should have been put on a transplant list long before this, and it's a miracle he's still alive.

Bailey is up in arms at the news and bursts into the Chief's sanctuary to complain. He's in scrubs, lying on a bed in the middle of a darkened room. He warns that he's not seeing anyone today, but she insists it's important. He counters that every conversation he has is important. Ignoring that, Bailey forges ahead to rant about Arizona being too young and rash and how she's just giving up and throwing Jackson on the transplant list, ignoring the last three years of treatment. One could argue that Arizona actually trying to, oh, save his life, but Bailey is feeling too wronged to notice that. Her argument isn't all selfish, though -- she nearly cries when she talks about how tough Jackson has had it and pleads to have someone assigned who can handle the case. The Chief calmly reminds Bailey of her past. "You thought Shepherd was a haircut. You didn't like Hahn. And you think Dr. Sloan is a 'hussy.' Can you name any attending that you thought was good?" She tries to cover by telling him she likes his work but he's not in the mood. He explains that Arizona was the top of her class and chief resident, and is the best anyone has seen in a long time -- just like Bailey. Also, she's the only choice they have so Bailey has to deal with it. She gapes at him a moment and then storms out. I will fully admit that maybe I'm more annoyed by this because I'm annoyed by the show as a whole right now, but I feel like even Bailey is acting uncharacteristically stupid. She is a doctor who should be able to see the facts about treating this kid but she's just ignoring it to try and be all rosy and happy, and she should be better than that.

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