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Mommie Dearest

Burke and McDreamy are doing their best intestine-stuffing, but they won't fit inside her body. The Chief sees what is happening and calls over the mic that they should stop since it has swelled. He's going to walk them through the rest of the surgery. To add a little bit of spice, they only have eight minutes of air left in the suits.

At the clinic, Bailey tells Kathy, the sulky daughter, that she's not pregnant and she's got no STD's. The dad is thankful, but Kathy's merely a brat about now being grounded since Bailey told her dad. The dad admonishes her to be polite, but Bailey takes it into her own hands and informs him that polite doesn't seem to be working for them thus far. Bailey apologizes sincerely for her losing her mom but then gives her both blunt and loving advice as only the super awesome Dr. Bailey can do, that she's too young to be able to make the decisions needed to have sex and that's okay. Kathy finally crumbles, crying that she thought the boy liked her, and falls into a hug from her father as Bailey brushes her hand over the girl's hair. She's not just running a clinic, she's bringing fathers and daughters back together.

Callie finds George, who is okay, and blandly notes that he'll live and tries to leave. He points out that he thought she'd be proud that he was the hero of the day but she's having none of it, more pissed that he thought being poisoned was a panic attack about their marriage. She reiterates that it was great in Vegas but is too hard around his friends, and concludes that it was too much to think he'd stand up for her. That's where I stick up for her, too -- she might be overreacting, but it's about time he puts his foot down for the woman he loves. "And my middle name is Iphigenia. Okay? I can't wait to see what your pals have to say about that." Note to parents: Please try to think about what you are saddling your children with before you get creative and sign a birth certificate. Mothers, maybe wait for the drugs to wear off before signing off on your baby's name. Just a wee bit of advice.

Addison is breathing into an oxygen mask, watching Alex on the next bed with the lines of deliciousness coming off his tank-top clad torso where a nurse is listening to his heartbeat. He catches her and turns to gaze at her with bedroom eyes and a smarmy smile, telling her what she did was cool. She says it could be cool or stupid and begins to bite her finger in a very come hither way before she realizes what's going on and clumsily gets up and wheels her oxygen tank out of the room while he grins. I'm really not sure I believe him when he says he doesn't want to sleep with her, though I must admit I'm totally okay with it since I'd like to keep one good, teaching, attending/intern relationship intact here.

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