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Mommie Dearest

Meredith is in her mother's room, trying to get a word in as her mother panics about what is going on. Her mom wants to know when she got back from Europe, and Mere just sits on the bed and explains that she was gone for two months. Before she can continue, her mom continues firing questions, wondering if she had a breakdown and is in a hospital. She also mentions a fight they had and how Mere doesn't have to go to medical school if she doesn't want to. Meredith interrupts, gently but firmly, to explain that her trip to Europe was five years ago, that she's been through school and is a doctor, and that Ellis has Alzheimer's and this is where she now lives. Her mother grasps Meredith's hands desperately and her face contorts into an ugly cry. But it's all too much, it seems, and she actually begins to shake and then passes out as Mere catches her and screams for help.

At the hospital, Burke meets their ambulance, but as Mere starts to give the bullet, Ellis interrupts her and does it herself. Burke helps Meredith out of the ambulance, and she quickly explains that her mother is lucid. As they wheel her inside, she incredulously asks if they're at Seattle Grace, and Mere explains that this is where she works. Burke chimes in to praise her daughter as a gifted intern, but Ellis interrupts to ask if Dr. Webber is there and is amazed and pleased to hear that he's Chief of Surgery.

Bailey, Izzie, Cristina, and Alex are standing in a very empty brand-new clinic. Bailey explains that, unless there is a surgical emergency, they'll be there, and Olivia will show them what's what around the place. Alex looks around and picks something up, but Izzie screeches at him to drop it, as it cost $79. She's a little jumpy about her investment, it seems, and boy is that going to get old fast. Cristina bitches about preparing for Burke's surgery the next day, but Alex is delighted to inform her that he's been assigned to it rather than she. Bailey helpfully exposits that George should be back from vacation any time -- hold on to that, it will be quite important in lo about five seconds. Izzie is freaking out, and Bailey calms her by giving her the task of watching the door for patients. She does, by staring and not blinking as if she might conjure something up out of thin air, or burn down the doors with her laser vision death rays. Of course, the first two through the door are Mark and Webber, so Izzie doesn't bat an eyelash. The chief looks a mite concerned about his catatonic intern, but Bailey just explains that she's watching the door. Someone finally approaches... and it's George and Callie! Gosh, didn't see that coming. Bailey welcomes him and chastises his tardiness but George and Callie just stare at each other for a beat. The Chief asks if he's okay, and he bursts out, "We got married in Vegas!" Everyone in the room turns and stares silently and incredulously. "We're married," he says triumphantly, and he and Callie look adoringly at each other. The silence is broken when Alex observes, "Dude! She's Callie O'Malley." Awesome.

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