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Burke orders Cristina to run tests on Ellis and then thinks to also mention that she's lucid. In a surprising moment of real friendship, Cristina immediately asks how Meredith is doing with it. It's a nice nod to the sister/best friend relationship between the two. Burke tells her that they'll give Ellis the best care possible and butters Cristina up by telling her that she's the best. Cristina takes a moment to puff her chest and beam before calling him out and fishing for an answer. Really, it's only been eight days, and it's just a little marriage proposal, I have no idea why the guy might be getting impatient. When he notes that she's not wearing the ring, she just replies, "I told you, it's under advisement." He asks if she likes it and she replies that just that it's a ring. Again, though, she's shockingly gentle about it. I'm a little bit stunned but delighted at the continuing humanization of Cristina. She tells him it's "the" ring, describing the 3 carats and the platinum. If she doesn't want it, I'll happily offer up to take it off of their hands; she's not kidding that it's "the" ring. "The" ring of this recapper's dreams. She then asks him if keeping her off the surgery is him trying to force an answer, but he merely says the other interns also need a chance, and she bluntly asks why. Ah, it's good to see she's not changing too drastically.

Alex and Izzie sit down in the ER waiting room on either side of a patient with giant grins on their face and begin trying to seduce him to the free clinic. He suspiciously asks if she's hitting on him, but she just wants to offer him 8 million dollars worth of free care. They do a great tag-team of doctorflirt and also scaring him into getting seen immediately.

Cristina is doing an echocardiogram on Ellis, and Ellis notes that she and Meredith are good friends. She can tell since Cristina won't look at her. "As if I might ask some personal question about her, and you might accidentally slip." Cristina merely keeps not looking at her and silently working, but Ellis sees a kindred spirit and knows just how to butter her up by asking, "But you don't do anything accidentally, do you?" Cristina looks pleased, and Ellis asks if her daughter has chosen a specialty. When Cristina points out that was a personal question, Ellis agrees that it's the most personal question for a surgeon. Cristina mutters that her own mom would ask if she had a boyfriend, and Ellis, ever tactful, announces, "Your mother sounds like a frivolous woman." I feel like that sort of falls into the realm of, "I can complain about and insult my family but not you," territory, but Cristina just caves and asks, "If I chose cardiothorasics, what would that say about me?" Ellis explains, "Heart surgeons are the know-it-alls. They're the most ambitious, the most driven. They want it all and they want it now. And they don't want anything getting in their way." Cristina takes this to digest, and Ellis announces that she learned she's in an Alzheimer's study and wants a neuro consult with the doctor who put her there. I smell shenanigans!

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