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Welcome to season 7, dear readers! I hope everyone had wonderful summers and that if you are in the greater Los Angeles area right now, you aren't dying of heatstroke. Me, I've got Meredith Grey to help keep my mind off of the inferno I call my apartment. And while it's not dark and twisty Meredith, it's certainly traumatized Meredith, though she's trying to hide it. "Like snakes, in our own way, we shed our skin. Biologically, we're brand new people." Huh? That doesn't even make sense, as I believe biologically, we stay the people we are throughout our lifetime. Even with my worst sunburn and skin shedding, I'm pretty sure that my DNA is still the same as it was before. Bailey is on a plane with Tuck and chats to her seatmate that she just spent a month visiting her parents, so we know now that it's a month post-shooting. When the woman asks what she does, Bailey hesitates for quite a while before admitting she's a surgeon, and the good mood she was in is totally gone, replaced by tension. The woman's face goes very serious as she asks if she knew any of "those doctors." She takes Bailey's silence for ignorance and adds, "From that shooting." Honey, if this were real life I'd have to imagine that everyone in America knew what you meant, and she's honestly very concerned but it's also in that overly-invested, voyeuristic way, and Bailey doesn't even answer but instead just stares into space.

"We may look the same, we probably do, the change isn't visible, at least, not in most of us, but we're all changed completely." A serene Richard is at the hospital, surveying his domain from the catwalk.

There's a new doctor in town, and you all will be relieved to know that he's passed the Seattle Grace Hotness Test. He and Mere are meeting in a conference room and she kinda sorta picks up where her VO left off: explaining to him that change is a biological imperative. She then assures him calmly that she's ready to go back to work instead of just sitting at home, worrying. When he points out calmly that her husband was shot, which is a legitimate thing to worry about, she just replies that Cristina is getting married (!!) and that she is worried about her friend because of the disaster that was her last wedding day. Perkins, the counselor, is for some reason still more worried about her having witnessed her husband's shooting than her best friend's wedding, but Mere just brushes off that Derek's fine and coming back to work that day. We're reminded of his shooting with a slo-mo flashback, and then Mere gets paged and begins to chuckle, but with quite an edge to it. When Perkins asks if everything is okay, she gives him a creepy smile and assures him everything is fine.

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