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There's a quick flash back to the gun to her head, and then the sound mixes with that of someone trying to get in her front door. Cristina is at home and completely freaks out even though it's just Owen, who can't get in the door on account of the chain. She opens it up for them and then runs back to the sofa and pulls a blanket up around herself like armor, yelling at him that it's not okay to be late, before she completely loses it and says she doesn't want to be alone. He moves even closer to her on the sofa, facing her, and promises her that she'll never have to be alone again, and that he'll never leave her again. While she cries, he pulls out a ring, and after a shocked moment she grabs the ring and puts it on like it's a life preserver, then grabs him in a hug and thanks him. Back in the conference room, she gives a sad smile at the memory and looks at Perkins until he breaks eye contact and she can go back to her magazine.

Bailey walks out of the hospital at the end of her shift, clearly troubled, when she sees Ben waiting for her outside. This seems to agitate her even more but she faces him, and he struggles for words for a few moments before finally telling her that he was playing golf, but that he can't apologize for it because it's nothing he did on purpose. She's teary, and looks absolutely defeated, but he tells her that he missed her. Unfortunately for him, she stops him and tells him that he's a good man. Ben can smell a breakup coming and his face falls, but when she tells him how kind, smart, and good he is, he lightens up a little bit, hopeful again. "But..." And there's the "but." She stutters and fights to get the words out as she tells him that she's too busy right now trying to hold herself together, "with tape and glue," and then admits that a part of her wishes that he hadn't been playing golf because then he would be going through the same thing, but the admission finally causes her to begin crying. Because he is, as we know, awesome, he doesn't get mad but rather clasps her hands as she cries again that she's too busy trying to hold herself together. He shushes her and as they stare at each other, she tries to smile. But it's the end for now, and finally he tells her to take care of herself. She returns the sentiment, he kisses her hand, and then after one last look he turns and walks away; she watches him go as she hugs herself, looking as small and broken as we've ever seen her.

Meredith and Derek are alone, and she's gotten over her anger enough to tell him in between kisses how amazing he was in the OR. Gross. Derek, impulses still leading him around, tells her they should make a baby right now, and rips off his shirt. Mere is caught totally unawares, but is saved by the beeper -- Derek can't see how her face has fallen because he gets a page that something is wrong with Greg.

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