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He runs in to Greg's room where the boy is convulsing on the bed, and April yells that she already gave him morphine but that he's in too much pain. Derek grabs his shoulders and pushes him back, and while his mom sobs in the corner, Derek orders him to listen. Greg, his face grotesquely swollen and sewn back together, finally looks at Derek as he tells the boy that this is his fight, and that now he's in the driver's seat and has to fight. Greg finally grabs his arm and nods that he will, so Derek turns to his mom as Meredith walks in. Derek assures Greg's mom that this pain is healing, that it's not going to kill him, and he assures her with a smile that they won. She's still clearly skeptical, and looks just exhausted at what she's been through already, but she still hears what he's saying and nods.

Derek is back in his SUV, speeding away with a self-satisfied smile, when a cop turns his lights on behind him. Of course, McSpeedy actually has the nerve to heave a sigh that he once again got caught at 125 mph.

Meredith walks in to jail, in a long, strapless, taupe dress with a floor-length matching cardigan and a chunky necklace, with awesome hair and makeup. One of my friends texted me just to say she hopes that Ellen Pompeo keeps that five extra pounds of baby weight she has been carrying, because she seriously looks the best she ever has right now. With the hair and the makeup and the necklace, she just looks AMAZING. She walks up and gives him a Look, but he comes up and kisses her through the bars, telling her not to be mad, and that they'll make the wedding. Ah, so that explains the threads. She reaches through the bars into his pocket and pulls out a ring box, then gaily tells him that she'll make the wedding; that she just wanted to see for herself that he was alive before she went to the party. Derek thinks she's kidding, because who wouldn't just continuously put up with his bullshit day after day? I mean, he got SHOT! But she's totally not and he's rather miffed as she walks away.

Back at Mere's house, Lexie is dressed up as well and playing spoons on a tray of empty champagne glasses. Alex walks in and both are silent as he goes and gets a beer, but once he's got it in hand he tells her that she looks hot; the crazy eyes and tight dress are working for her, "For whatever it's worth." I think he's actually making an effort to be extra sleazy at this point. She smiles and shakes her head, then quietly tells him that the thinks he's such a badass because he lived, but that Lexie was the one to save his life, and that while he was dying he was crying out for his ex-wife. She adds that that is the opposite of badass, "For whatever it's worth." Point, set, and match to Lexie Grey, folks. She walks away and shockingly, he doesn't seem too angry, but kind of thinks it over as he sips his beer.

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