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"Fine" finds Derek in jail, dispensing free advice to his fellow inmates. Those guys get a big chuckle when they see a steamed Meredith walk up with an officer and she demands, "Again, Derek?" He's not worried about her reaction, though, and just gives a cocky grin in return.

Back at the hospital, all of the doctors are gathering, and Arizona seems nervous that Callie keeps staring at her with an adoring grin on her face. She'll only tell Arizona she's awesome, which doesn't seem to be what's really behind the stare, and Arizona isn't really placated. Bailey seems utterly deflated, but Richard tells her sincerely that she was missed during her month away. He then asks if she's cleared for surgery, but she has no idea what he's talking about. She hasn't yet seen the new man candy having meetings with the docs, but obviously he's the one that is there to clear them all for work again.

Derek and Meredith get out of the elevator and the timing is a little too perfect and scripted when they walk out and immediately fall into step with Cristina and Mere starts ranting about Derek. It seems he was arrested for reckless endangerment, not for the first time, for driving like a maniac, but that he still has his license because the cops love him and won't actually charge him. Derek points out that this is because he's saved some of their lives, and it's a little obnoxious already that he has no qualms about his crazy driving. Cristina is indeed getting married, and she's immersed in the wedding magazine she's holding, trying to decide what color dress to wear since she's definitely not wearing white, nor is she wearing a veil, throwing rice, or inviting her mom. Meredith yells at Derek that she's not clear for surgery and she's sure it's his fault, but without batting an eye he tells her that he's Chief, and so can overrule the counselor. This cheers Meredith up enough to offer some feedback on Cristina's wedding dress options until April comes up, perky as ever and carrying some scans. Meredith is appalled that she was cleared, but everyone ignores Mere and April prattles on about how there's a kid there with some kind of giant tumor that she would normally call inoperable... "But you're back and you're you." So, that crush hasn't dimmed, then.

When the merry gang walks into the lobby all of the assembled doctors begin to applaud, and Derek walks up to the stairs to address them all, saying how happy he is to be back. He thanks Webber for filling in, and Webber looks pleased but very sad to be handing the reins back over to Derek. We see all of our usual suspects in the crowd as Derek tries to continue his speech but gets distracted looking at the scans in his hand, and finally he admits that he hates being Chief, Webber should be Chief, and he quits. Derek's unshaven and rather scruffy, which gives this little piece of theater some added flavor -- he really is the saucy rogue doctor who is off to go take care of this massive tumor. As April trots off after him Bailey finally laughs with glee, but Mere realizes that she's now not getting cleared for surgery after all.

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