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Hunt and Derek run into each other and chat about Derek's quitting and Hunt's proposal and both men say they have no regrets. Hunt then turns slightly awkward, but I love him so I find it endearing as he asks Derek if he might act as his best man -- he knows they aren't close but given that he is marrying one of the "twisted sisters" and Derek is married to the other, he figures this makes them brothers of a sort. He's totally not wrong about that, really. Derek doesn't look thrilled, as I get the impression that anything not directly related to his own desires is a total afterthought for him right now, but he claims to be honored. He offers a bachelor party but Owen assures him that he's fine without one.

Bailey's next up for her Perkins/flashback meeting. She gazes out the window and Perkins says gently that he understands that she had a particularly difficult day on the day of the shooting. Bailey is subdued, but she's still Bailey; calmly she tells him that on the day Tuck was born, her husband was in a car accident and nearly died on the table while Derek operated on him, but when that day was over, her husband was alive and she had her new baby boy. "That was a 'particularly difficult' day." The day of the shooting, she informs him, was the worst day of her life.

And, cue the flashback! She's putting luggage into the back of a taxi with Tuck held in one of her arms when Ben walks up to her, scaring her half to death. He immediately helps her load everything into the car, but she's completely flustered and out of sorts. He tells her apologetically that he was playing golf and his phone was turned off. While this might be true, and is a totally acceptable and innocent thing for him to have been doing, Bailey reminds him that while he was golfing 18 people were shot and 11 of those died, including Charles' dying in her arms. She then gets into the car with Tuck and ignores Ben's questions about when she is coming back until the taxi finally drives away. She wasn't mean to him, and I completely understand, but I feel for Ben here too.

Derek is in his brain tumor's room -- let's give the poor kid a name even though no one utters it until much later, shall we? His name is Greg, and Greg's mom is understandably against them cutting Greg's face in half to get to the tumor. But Unshaven Rogue Derek tells her grandly that he has no comfort to offer her, but that every medical advance started with the phrase "that sounds crazy." Ugh. This Derek is so already wearing on me. He asks them to try, and Greg gives a nod, so his mother agrees. Meredith, however, feels like someone has to play devil's advocate and so she pipes up to point out all of the things that could go wrong, ranging from paralyzation to death. Derek is seething, but Mere goes on to point out that even if he comes through the surgery, it's a hard, excruciating, long recovery, and she thinks they should understand the risks. Indeed, in addition to her just being a thorn in Derek's side, don't they legally have to disclose all of these risks, anyway? Derek's panties are in one heck of a wad but Mere doesn't back down and instead tells him, "You're driving awfully fast, Dr. Shepherd. The least you could do is wear a seatbelt."

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