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Alex now has his turn, and he's his old belligerent self as he says he's been working in the clinic and the pit, and doesn't understand why they can't do surgery. Perkins brushes that off, instead wanting to talk about an "incident" the week before. Alex says that "she's not his responsibility," Perkins replies that she is his girlfriend, but Alex retorts that she's not anymore. Seriously, so Lexie saves Alex's life, turns down a proposal from Mark, half-breaks her own heart in the process, and they are already broken up? Sigh. Well, let's see what happened the week before, shall we?

Alex was working in the clinic, helping Mark as he did some sutures, when Lexie came up, all crazy eyes and wild, unkempt hair, so we know she's not quite right. Manically, she comes over to the guys and babbles that her patient doesn't know what meds she is on, so Lexie doesn't know what to give her because she could create a drug reaction that could kill the woman. As she rambles more and more frantically, Mark warns Alex to take her away, but Alex is trying to brush her off. Lexie just continues and declares that she thinks the woman wants to die, and then she walks over to her and in fact asks her if she wants Lexie to kill her, advising that a gun would be faster. Mark yells at Alex to get her under control, but Alex just watches as Lexie begins to completely melt down, throwing things around the room and pawing through drawers, screaming that she needs a gun. Finally, when Mark hollers at Alex to get her, Alex just declares he has his own stuff to do, and leaves. So, the near-death experience was not a growing, life-changing event for Alex, it seems, but more an excuse to revert back to his old self.

Back in the present, Perkins asks him why he walked away, and Alex growls that life is too short, and that he almost died trying to stop Gary. I am not taking anything away from the horror of his getting shot but let's at least remember that he got shot walking around a corner to see what the commotion was, and that he didn't have any sort of time to be a hero. The whole thing was a tragedy and he is a fighter, but he's taking a little bit of extra credit here. Because he's never one to stop, he actually goes on to declare that he gets a ton of ass with the bullet in his chest. Perkins isn't terribly impressed and asks if he's always like this or if it is a defense mechanism, and we're treated to a reminder shot of Alex bleeding out on the floor. Alex just answers that he's had too much crazy for one lifetime.

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