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We don't get to hear Perkins' response, however, because Mark barges into the room, livid that apparently Perkins cleared Lexie for surgery when only the week before Mark had to have her committed against her will. Lexie slides into the room as Mark yells but when he realizes she is there, she says it's fine to talk to him. Alex takes his leave, and Mark gets in a dig at his retreating figure that he's really good at walking away. Perkins explains that once Lexie was in psych, she was heavily medicated with antipsychotics and then slept for 50 hours straight, and woke up no longer a threat to herself or others. No longer a threat, yes, but I will admit even I am a little surprised that this qualified her for actually then being clear to go back to cutting people open. But Perkins explains that most everyone there now has PTSD, and that for Lexie that caused sleep deprivation and a breakdown. Now that she's had sleep, the protocol is for her to go back to work. Quietly, Lexie assures Mark that see, she's okay, but Mark is understandably skeptical.

Teddy and Owen, obviously more used to the type of horror they experienced, are both operating away as they catch up. It seems Teddy is now dating someone, though they don't say who, and then his marriage comes up. Teddy says she's happy for him and Owen seems not to believe her, but she seems to be more genuine about it than she has in almost all the time we've known her, and eventually she seems to convince him that she really is happy and things are okay. It's nice to see that slowly they might be able to get their friendship back. (Now, show, let's then leave it at that and not make this a trifecta of doubt on their parts, mmmkay?)

The usual suspects are all gathered in the basement, having lunch like the old days. We quickly learn why: April comes in and announces that in the cafeteria, someone called her Reed and commented that they thought she died. Oh come on, seriously, people? Who says that? Lexie tells her to avoid the points and stares there, but Cristina, in between eating and combing through another bridal magazine, points out that they are staring because they should have died. Seriously, given that doctors do have different shifts, it is kind of amazing that all of our main players just happened to be in the hospital, on the affected floors, at the same time, isn't it? Alex joins them, looking glum, but it's just so he can whip out the letter clearing them for surgery and gloat in their faces. That means that now, only Meredith and Cristina are still barred from surgery. Mere doesn't find it funny but this Cristina pod person doesn't seem to care, thinking only about her wedding instead. They all try joking some but there's still a pall over everything that hasn't shaken off yet.

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