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Bailey walks in and they all welcome her back, but she just stares at them a while like her mind just drifted to something else. After a moment she tells them seriously that she's happy to see them all before giving each orders and scattering them back to work. Before she sends April and Jackson off, though, she tells them that she's very sorry for the loss of their friends. They thank her, and Jackson adds that they are too, before she hands over a patient with a bowel impaction. There are still flickers of her old mojo there, but she seems to be one of the most affected of everyone -- and honestly, who can blame her? I just hope she gets more reasons to smile like she did at Derek's quitting.

Derek finally has his own meeting with Perkins, and he's just cocky and immensely pleased with himself for quitting being Chief. He insists to Perkins that he wanted to quit before the shooting, but didn't have the guts to do it then. After a flashback of him lying in a pool of his own blood, he says life is short and then adds, finally serious, "Now I think less, and just do." I feel like there is a happy medium to be found between doing what one feels obligated to do and just going on a spree of fulfilling one's whims, but Derek doesn't seem worried with finding that just now. However, when Perkins asks if the shooting was clarifying, even this new Derek won't go that far, and as he flashes to a vision of April covered in Reed's blood, he'll only tell the counselor that a lot of people died.

Flash back to him recovering after his surgery. April went in to see him when Mere went to get some food, and she cries as she apologizes for not staying in the office like she was supposed to, which then led to his being shot. She's obviously been tortured, carrying around this guilt, and Derek uses what little energy he has to assure her that Gary came looking for him since he gave the order to pull the plug on Mrs. Gary. "I got everyone shot."

It's rather heavy, and one could see how it weighs on a person... so clearly what he's doing to get that weight off his chest is driving like a madman. We see him drive off in his Porsche SUV (seriously, I can't just call it his Porsche because then one would totally just envision a little sports car, but every time I type that out, it just sounds wrong, somehow) at 125 mph with a deranged, self-satisfied smile on his face, with his clearance letter flapping on the seat next to him.

Mere walks in to see Perkins and finds he and Teddy making out -- ah, so that's the new guy! Good for her for snapping him up so quickly. Meredith is pissed and grossed out, and doesn't care when Perkins explains that she was already cleared when he arrived, so she was never his patient and in fact they met in the cafeteria. What she does care about is that Derek's about to do this crazy surgery, and that he and everyone else is cleared for surgery while she isn't. She finally just asks Perkins to tell her what to say, which ALWAYS works in this situation -- I mean, come on, Mere. He doesn't do that and instead proves he's worth his salt by calling her on the fact that he thinks she's not being honest with him nor with herself, and that could be dangerous.

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