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She flashes back to her own day after the shooting, where she is at another hospital with her feet up in stirrups, waiting to see a doctor about her miscarriage. Cristina is with her and Meredith is ordering her to not say anything to Derek, and then orders her to make sure that both Owen and April also keep what happened to themselves. Cristina is surprised when Mere actually sends her away to go find all of them immediately and order them to silence, instead of having Cristina stay with her. Cristina obviously doesn't think this is a great idea but she knows better than to argue and she leaves. A doctor then comes in and it turns out she has to do a procedure as a result of Mere's miscarriage. As she explains what will happen, Mere just tunes her out and stares blankly at the ceiling. Back in the now, with these memories fresh, she just turns on her heel and storms away from Perkins.

Teddy and Arizona are gossiping together and Arizona admits to Teddy that she needed some sort of lame storyline thrown in to this week's episode, so she's freaked out that Callie is watching her sleep since she knows this means Callie has some sort of bomb to drop. Arizona is afraid that it's a marriage proposal or talk of trying to start a family right now, and while she's open to it, she's not ready to do it just now. So, there we have it, they're happy, they're working through their problems, and we get this rather tedious little scene. Arizona doesn't want to pop the happy bubble she and Callie have been floating in, but Teddy assures her that really, the truth is better than the happy bubble, and she warns her friend to just pop it.

Webber finds Derek and happily tells him that the board officially reinstated him as Chief. Derek assures him he doesn't regret his actions for a second, because he's stoked to have this crazy surgery. With both his Chief Hat on and his voice of reason, Webber just asks Derek if he's ready. Derek knows a loaded question when he hears it but he's also not giving Richard enough credit -- the Chief explains that he's still having nightmares and going to two AA meetings a day, and that he knows he's not all the way back and he wasn't the one who got shot, so that's why he asks if Derek feels good. This is all too rational and emotionally healthy for Derek, though, and Derek's best answer is that he feels adrenaline, and that's what feels good. He's seriously like a 13-year-old with no impulse control right now.

At least he's still got his neurosurgeon skills, though, and Greg crawls onto the operating table for his surgery. I caught one glimpse of the surgery itself on my first viewing of the episode and nearly threw up all over my sofa when I saw them break his palate in half and pull it apart between his two front teeth, so, dear readers, you are just getting this recap: They perform surgery. Yay. Mere is up in the gallery, whining about not being part of the action, while Cristina just flips through her magazine. Owen and Richard are also there, and Owen is pretty horrified as he admits to the Chief that he saw less damage done to a person from mortar fire. As Derek finally gets to the tumor, Meredith snaps and orders Cristina to get up and stop looking at magazines. When she doesn't listen, Mere reaches over and literally drags her out of the room.

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