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Outside, Cristina demands to know what's wrong and Meredith yells about Derek decapitating a kid and April being the one to assist while Cristina reads about wedding flowers. Cristina still really doesn't care, even when Meredith points out that Perkins has had a number of opportunities to clear her and yet still deems her unfit. She point-blank tells Cristina that neither of them are better, but Cristina just wants to think about flowers. This then turns to a conversation about the wedding, and Cristina realizes that Meredith might be trying to talk her out of it. Mere wants Cristina to promise that she's sure, but Cristina gets pissed and says that Mere isn't allowed to do this. Mere forges ahead, saying that while Derek is her love, Cristina is her soulmate, so she does get to do this. It's a sweet sentiment, but it does feel a little like Meredith is going to only focus all of her energy on Cristina's issues instead of her own -- obviously Cristina is not yet well but Mere might split her time and worry about herself as well. But Meredith just reminds Cristina that before the shooting she'd broken up with Owen because he couldn't choose her. I would now remind Meredith, though, that when it came down to life and death that day, Owen did in fact pretty decisively choose Cristina. Cristina doesn't bring that up, but pulls out her own big gun, saying that Meredith needs to tell Derek about the pregnancy and miscarriage. Mere tries to deflect it by saying Derek isn't ready, but Cristina won't back down, and finally Meredith won't respond or even look straight at her.

It's now time for Cristina's appointment, but she's not interested and is still flipping through her magazines while Perkins just watches her. He tells her that it's okay if she's not ready, and that the hospital is prepared to work with her. Cristina guesses immediately that she's getting special treatment on account of performing surgery with a gun at her head, and just tells him that if he doesn't want to clear her, don't. It's reminiscent of her usual bravado, but she's quieter than usual and really a shadow of herself, especially with her creepy bridal magazine obsession. After a few attempts on her part to keep the talk on her wedding, Perkins asks how she feels when she goes into an OR. Cristina doesn't answer the question, but instead talks about the women in the magazine, and how she used to feel sorry for those women who just wanted to find a man, and get married, and have the perfect wedding and then just live, calling them "simple." She thinks, "You're either born simple or you're born... me." Her smile is gone, and she quietly and matter-of-factly tells him that she wants to be the simple girl just happy to find the perfect dress, because no one holds a gun to the head of that girl.

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