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In the previouslys, instead of covering the bomb exploding and McDreamy telling Mere that he's glad she didn't die, we get an extended coverage of George's long-term lusting after Meredith. We get the first day they met and several instances of George announcing how much he digs her, and for more shits and giggles, we get Mere's mom calling George by her husband's name and George learning that he looks like Mere's dad. That little tidbit will rear its ugly head at the end of this episode, by the way, and you'll remember this moment and go, "Ewwwwwwwww!" Trust me on this. Oh, and we get a mention of Burke telling Meredith that he and Cristina moved in together and then McDreamy telling Meredith that he walked in on his wife and his best friend Mark in bed together. Man, that's a lot of acreage to cover in 2.5 seconds…

Hee. Oh, hee. Sorry. I love this scene. We open on Cristina, frugging around the apartment with her iPod as she brushes her teeth. Her dancing is awesomely silly and sexy at the same time. Meredith's "Message of the Week" voice-over states that there's no such thing as a grownup. I guess we have tonight's theme, then, huh? So, Cristina dances and shrugs and spills toothpaste all over the floor and Burke enters from his morning run and stares at her. She freezes and then hilariously chooses to start shaking her groove thang across the floor toward him and he's all, oh no no no and she doesn't care and tries taking off his jacket and he's pretending to resist until all of a sudden, he starts dancing too and his dancing is brilliantly awful and they're both having such a good time that I don't want the phone to ring with Cristina's landlord calling to tell her that her apartment is flooded. But the phone rings and Burke answers and her apartment is flooded and she's not supposed to HAVE an apartment and, well, Burke's dancing shoes fall off his feet faster than you can say, "Don't spit toothpaste in the kitchen sink, Cristina, YOU SLOB."

Meredith goes to visit her mom and as the voice-over blah blahs about being an adult and how you think you're all grown up and mature and then your mother says something about how she's exhausted because she was banging someone all night in the on-call room and your lofty ideas of becoming an adult come crashing down around you. Mere tries to get her mother to stop talking about how her secret on-call lover makes her growl like a tiger and purr like a kitten, but Ellis is on a role, and she mentions that her husband has no idea why she's no longer interested in him and that if he had any balls at all, he'd leave on his own.

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