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Bitter Dying Guy's Room of Angst and Decades-Long Vitriol. BDG's still bitching into the video camera that Mere's still holding and there's a stack of about twenty-five tapes sitting on the dinner tray. BDG yells something about how he liked a girl and his brother took her anyway and Mere, disgusted, finally pipes up that his brother was fourteen, for god's sake! BDG asks her to rewind the tape a bit and she refuses, saying that she's not a videographer and she has to prep him for surgery. I'm confused -- if she's not a videographer, then what's with the stack of tapes? Was she okay with the first nineteen tapes they made where he screamed at people he hated, but on that last one, well, that was it for her? Or were the tapes pre-labeled and now BDG is just shoving them into the camera so he can get this over with? I don't…help me to understand this because I am at a loss. BDG says that Mere said she'd help him and she says she wanted to help him, but only when she thought he was saying goodbye. He says that none of the people he's making tapes for know how he feels, so he wants to let them know. She asks if he wouldn't rather want to be remembered as a nice man and he succinctly says, "No." Heh.

Over with Plucky Lionitis Jake, Cristina's getting him ready for an MRI and she's nicely trying to tell him about how it gets cramped in there and Jake's like, dude? Not exactly my first time in there, yo. Cristina, exhibiting a softer side of Yang here, kind of laughs softly and says, "Right. Sorry." Jake graciously accepts her apology and then compliments her on her eyes. Cristina shoots him a look and he backtracks a bit, saying that she comes off as all surly and grumpy, but her eyes don't. "I'm big on eyes," he says. "They're the only part of my face where tumors aren't growing." Cristina pulls the sheet up to his chin and genuinely says, "Yeah, you've got nice eyes." "You…you get that I'm jailbait, right?" Jake twits at her. Heh. Cristina laughs and smiles at him and it's a really nice moment.

At approximately the same time, the Chief passes Meredith in a hallway and she decides to ask him if he remembers her father and if he knows why Thatcher left. The Chief lies that he doesn't know and beats a hasty retreat far, far away from Mere. McDreamy and Cristina approach Plucky Jake's hospital room and Derek's surprised to see McSteamy standing inside, apparently discussing cosmetic surgery options with Lionitis Boy and his parents. Derek's all, uh, what the hell are you doing here? Jake's all, dude! This hot doctor says he can fix my face and make me look normal! McSteamy's all, I shall glare at you out of the corner of my eye in a sexy fashion that all the girls will find attractive and all the boys will be mildly threatened by. Bouncy guitar music brings us to the next scene, wherein McDreamy and McSteamy rampage at each other in the Chief's office while two thirds of the Medicine Crüe watch from outside.

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