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Addison's like, dude. Do NOT use the that word, okay? Mark says, "He doesn't know how we felt, does he? He doesn't know you stayed with me after he left? How do you expect to work on a marriage when you can't even be honest with him?" That is such a good point, dude. Thank you! Addison asks what in the hell he wants, and he says he came to take her home with him. "But I'm in love with my husband, Mark," she says unconvincingly. "But he's not in love with you," grits Mark. "He's in love with that intern. And he's not even trying to hide it. Why would you want to stick around for that?" Man. Can Mark hang around this hospital all the time? He's so honest! And dead-on! It's refreshing! And hot! All at the same time!

Lunch with the Medicine Crüe. Alex doesn't believe SOG is really having spontaneous orgasms. Izzie says she is and she saw them. George thinks Alex is just jealous because he hasn't seen them. Alex looks at Izzie with dirty in his eyes. She just grins and blushes and wonders if the linen closet is free. Mere thinks that spontaneous orgasms would solve many problems. "It would! It would!" says George. And then, under his breath, "I think you smell nice too." The what? That? That's his attempt at telling Mere he likes her? Man, he is so weird. Cristina wonders if the orgasms are catching; like, when someone throws up and it makes you want to throw up. Izzie gets dirty all over herself when she says, "Kinda," and then looks at Alex, who just looks back at her from behind a thick veil of dirty. Exasperated, she gets up and declares that she's not hungry and neither is the beast and she stomps off. "'The Beast'?" asks Cristina. "Is that, like, some sly reference to your penis?" "Get your mind outta the gutter, crack whore," says Alex. George, still trying to somehow tell Mere he loves her in between sips of his Diet Coke, repeats Izzie's whole thought about sex and how not having it makes you want it less and everyone at the table just shuts him down with a universal "That never happens to me." "Me neither," says George in this goofy-ass voice. I…what's wrong with him? No, really. His thing for Mere is totally freaky and as adorable as he is, his inability to just be NORMAL around her bugs the hell out of me.

MRI Observation Room. Izzie and George are sitting with the MRI tech as SOG goes through the machine. Oh, and George is STILL talking about Meredith and how he grew his hair out for her. Izzie, ever patient, just tells him that he could try just telling Mere how he feels. But Izzie, then George wouldn't be able to shuffle around mumbling about how he loves Mere the most and complaining that he's done random things like grow out his hair for a woman who A) never asked him to and B) doesn't give a shit. Whatever. Shut up, George. Mere's vagina is apparently the Bermuda Triangle; men go in there and never come out. I'd stay away if I were you. Speaking of vaginas, the MRI guy tells Izzie and George that SOG is moving too much and Izzie tells her to stop moving, but it would seem that she's having yet another orgasm and staying still isn't really possible. George looks bemused, Izzie looks hot and bothered, and MRI Guy looks like he can't wait to go home and write this in a blog.

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