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The Panty Police
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Sex, sex, sex. Jo and Alex are having it, and Emma and Owen are having it. But Emma and Owen take their bedroom talk up a notch when Emma teases Owen about living in a tin can and he responds by thinking for five seconds and then suggesting they think about moving in together. She thinks for five seconds herself, agrees, and happily mauls him with more kisses. There's no way this can go wrong! Just in case we didn't suspect that this might all go to crap, Mere VOs that cancer always sneaks up on you when your body is feeling particularly safe and healthy or it's making plans to move in with its girlfriend who doesn't have any sort of distinguishing personality traits.

Derek is choosing a tie for yet another presidential interview while Mere starts to get ready for the day and grouses that she wants Neurosurgeon Derek Shepherd to get the job but not Husband Derek. She goes to take a shower and he tries to get in on that action, so to speak, but she shuts the door in his face after reminding him that he went back on his promise, and she can't sleep with a lying liar who lies. She taunts him from behind the door but he doesn't actually seem too bothered by it, probably because he's too excited about his date with the President.

Mere is still going on about how cancer is the master of surprise. Callie is unpacking boxes and when Arizona comes to the room Callie forces her to open a box although Arizona is trying to get the family out the door for the day. Once she opens it she finds a tiny gift box, and honestly seems more terrified than happy as Callie urges her to open it. Inside is a beautiful sapphire ring, and Callie happily says that she had the band inscribed with the date they moved into the house, their "new start." Arizona still seems pretty shocked and tentative but does whisper Callie's whole name, so I guess she does actually like it? I don't know if this is a sign of things to come or a weird acting choice. Regardless, Callie is super excited and urges Arizona to put it on.

Meanwhile, at the hospital, April hisses at her secret husband to take his ring off, since he clearly forgot. They have a horrible fake conversation to try and cover their tracks but no one is paying any attention since everyone is gathering at the stairs for an announcement from Owen. As Owen and Derek walk up, they talk about his and Emma's moving in together, and Cristina totally overhears and reports this development sadly to Meredith. There's no time to discuss because Owen calls them all to attention to announce the new "Non-Fraternization Policy." For the first time in the history of the hospital they realized that they are supposed to be a safe work environment and focus on patient care, which surely isn't going to stick because that sounds like the most boring television drama in the world. Yet also, this is approximately ten seasons overdue. The policy states that relationships between co-workers will be discouraged, while those between superiors and subordinates are forbidden. Jo's chest heaves when they announce this. Owen then tells them that their supervisors will arrange meetings to go over the actual details.

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