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Boyfriends Come And Go, But Trophies Are Forever

Courtney comes up with Señor Stinky and introduces him to the boys as "Deegan." Don't care. He's Señor Stinky to me. Johnny stands up and shakes Señor Stinky's hand and tells him that he's a lucky guy. "I'd say we're both lucky," says Señor Stinky. Courtney bills and coos and kisses him, and I stick my finger down my throat and thank my lucky stars that Hank4 would do the same if confronted with the same sickening PDA. Hank4 rules.

So Hairless wants to know if Courtney told Señor Stinky about their little scene that afternoon. It would seem that Hairless/Stone and Courtney/Laura share a little forbidden lip lock in the hall or something. Señor Stinky sort of acts pissed and wonders aloud about Stone's already existing girlfriend. "Right, that would be Laura's first cousin Becky. But now we're starting to get it on behind her back." ENOUGH WITH SLEAZY HAIRLESS. Señor Stinky replies, "Well, that's pretty reprehensible." Ooooh. Big words for such a small-dicked man. "Yeah, well, it's TV," quips Hairless. Dave and Johnny look at each other confusedly. The cartoon bubble above Dave's head reads, "Reprehensible? The guy's wearing a Paul-Newman-in-Color of Money cashmere v-necked sweater. Let's just talk about how reprehensible THAT is." The cartoon bubble above Johnny's head reads, "What the hell does 'reprehensible' mean?"

Courtney pulls Señor Stinky away for a tour of the set. Dickless looks after them with an expression of pure disgust on his face. He's either eaten some bad clams or he doesn't like Señor Stinky. Ah, it's the latter, I believe. "Dude! What does she see in that guy?" he asks. Hairless has the answer. "I hear his family are big muckety-mucks in the sports trophy business," says Hairless, in a manner which would lead me to believe that what he really means is, "Her boyfriend's a loser who sells cheap-ass high-school lobby trophies, but he thinks he's hella-cool because he's a clueless dipshit."

Later that day, Kevin's loaded for fucking bear and having difficulty finding his way across the set. He's got three bags of groceries, some dry cleaning, and his clipboard, and he looks like he's struggling just to keep upright. He passes Dave, who's taking a well-earned break from DOING NOTHING. Kev stops and asks Dave if he'll help him carry this stuff to Hunter's trailer. "No way, dude," says Dave. "I'm not her sherpa." Wow. Way to fall to the bottom of my personal favorites heap, dude. Kevin's all, "Thanks, dude. Appreciate it. That's just..." and then he mumbles and fumbles his way over to Hunter's trailer and barely makes a knock on her door without falling over backwards. Hunter grabs her stuff and then tells Kevin that she needs a couple of other things. Rob ambles by and sees this interaction and tells Hunter that she can't use Kevin to run personal errands for her. "If you want help," Rob says, "hire yourself a personal assistant." Hunter slams her door and Rob grabs Kevin. Just as I'm thinking to myself that Rob's acting pretty damn cool about all this, he shoves some cash into Kevin's hand and asks him to run down to the drugstore and pick up his Xanax prescription. Dammit. And here I was all ready to start liking Rob. Okay, not really.

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