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Boyfriends Come And Go, But Trophies Are Forever

The scene ends, and Rob asks Señor Stinky what he thinks. Señor Stinky thinks it all looks "fake," and brings Rob onto the set to show him what he means. Courtney asks Señor Stinky what he thought about her performance. Señor Stinky brushes her off like so much pixie dust and approaches a trophy case. Hairless says, "Now remember. She's just my make-believe lady. Don't let it get to you." Did he say "lady"? As in "my old lady"? What is he, Jerry Garcia? What's with the Easy Rider vernacular? God. Anyway, Señor Stinky starts pointing out the errors in the trophy case and offers to set Rob up with proper trophies. Courtney rolls her eyes. Okay. OKAY. We get it. Courtney's boyfriend is a fuckstain. WE GET IT.

After the break, Marcy and Johnny enter the soundstage while Johnny basically freaks out about this date with a male fan. Marcy pulls out the bullwhip and, short of ripping Dickless a new asshole, really lets him have it. She tells him that this isn't about Johnny, it's about the fan, and that Johnny's going to go out with this boy whether he likes it or not. I think Johnny's balls just dropped to the floor.

Back in the land of "Don't Hate Me Because I'm Hunter," Dave's going over his accomplished tasks list while Hunter shoves a knife into a jar of some sort of buttery product and soaks her feet. After learning that her agent cancelled on her for dinner, Hunter's at a loss for an evening activity. Other than learning her lines and honing her bitching techniques, there's not much else that Hunter's interested in. Dave wonders why Hunter doesn't just call a friend and go see a movie or something. However, seeing as Hunter's only friend is Marcy and they spend every single day together, that solution seems out of the question. Hunter sarcastically suggests that Dave come with her. Somehow, Dave thinks this is "cool." Is he high?

So, Marcy's giving the fan a tour of the wardrobe department. The fan, Leslie, immediately grasps onto Johnny's hockey jersey and inhales deeply. The actor who's playing this part is mincing it up something fierce. In fact, he's so on the edge of "femme" that at times I wonder if it's actually a GIRL playing the part of a boy. So Hilary Swank of them.

On the set, Marcy and Leslie run into Courtney, and Marcy invites Courtney and Señor Stinky to come along on the "Date with Johnny" dinner later that night. Courtney jumps at the chance to allow everyone to completely understand what a buttlick her boyfriend is.

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