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Boyfriends Come And Go, But Trophies Are Forever

Dave suggests that they do something else instead, like "putt-putt golf" or something. I can tell that Hunter thinks "putt-putt" is something you do between the satin sheets. Dave tells Hunter that she's got to learn to unwind. "And 'putt-putt' is my solution?" she queries. "It's a start," says Dave. Hunter agrees to play, with one condition: if he tells anyone, she'll kill him. I'd say she'd do better to kill her hairstylist. That Farrah Fawcett concoction she's sporting merits an immediate beheading for its creator, let me tell you.

Back at the dinner date, Señor Stinky is yammering on about his ultimate dream of opening a sports trophy museum in Tempe. Hairless continues to poke gentle fun at the clueless Señor Stinky. Leslie tells Johnny that his mom discovered he was gay when she saw a poster of Johnny on his wall. Leslie says that he had to pretend to have a crush on Jennifer Love Hewitt just so his mom wouldn't know he was gay, but he couldn't keep living a lie. Johnny knows just how he feels, because one year he had to take JLH to some event and had to keep pretending to like her. Oh, the horror! Leslie and Johnny bond over the genuine distastefulness of JLH. Leslie exits to the bathroom and Señor Stinky says, "So, I wonder if he goes standing up or sitting down." The whole table goes after this insensitive comment with full weapons blazing. And rightly so. Even Johnny steps up to the honor code and gets all over him. Señor Stinky decides that he's had enough of these "Hollywood types" and leaves. Courtney follows after him, shreds of her dignity trailing behind.

The following day in the make-up trailer, Hunter's grilling Courtney about the evening. "Hunter," says Courtney, exasperated, "for once, just do me a favor, and shut up." Courtney tells the girls that Deegan's not moving out to L.A. and that they're breaking up. Marcy, sensing that this might mean the ultimate coming-together of Courtney and Johnny, a situation she simply CANNOT and WILL NOT endure, tells Courtney that she and Señor Stinky have to work through this. Right. And Antony and Cleopatra just had some "relationship issues."

On the set, Johnny's watching his dailies as Courtney approaches. She tells Johnny that she was impressed with his handling of Leslie the previous evening. Johnny thanks her and then excitedly informs her that Leslie's going to start a whole gay chapter of the Johnny Bishop fan club. "I mean, look at what they did for Keanu Reeves!" he practically shouts. Courtney then apologizes for Señor Stinky's behavior and makes Johnny's day by telling him that they're breaking up. Johnny congratulates her while mental images of a naked Courtney dance through his brain. Courtney's all, "I'm kinda excited about it," and then rushes off to explore new horizons in dating.

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