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In his trailer, Johnny's trying on clothing emblazoned with "WB." Dave watches and enthuses. Johnny's "stoked to meet that blonde chick" from Popular. He wouldn't mind being her lead-in, if you know what he means. Dave reminds him of Courtney. "This is a road trip. You get in, you get out. No mess," says Johnny. Um, okay, Johnny. Dave tells us Johnny's getting ten thousand dollars for this gig. Johnny tells Dave, "Dude, don't count my money," and reminds Dave that he's getting paid to be at the Beach Party, too. Dave is underwhelmed about earning $150 to be the WB mascot. He says it might be enough to buy a front seat for his car. Johnny tells him that there are no small parts, only small actors. "Dude, don't say stuff like that," says Dave in all seriousness.

Helena's walking towards Tori2's trailer with her waxing supplies in hand. Hunter stops her, asking if she's really going through with it. "I wouldn't want to get rusty on my Hollywood vacation," Helena answers. Hunter tells her to quit pouting. Helena apologizes, explaining that if she had the wages the bigger role would provide, she could fulfill her dream of starting her own salon. Hunter considers this as Tori2 appears at her trailer door in a robe. "I'm ready for my close-up, Ms. Sarkissien," she says, smiling. As Rick James would say, it's such a freaky scene.

Elsewhere on the lot, Courtney practices volleying a ball in an ASU volleyball shirt. Johnny drives up in his stoopid fresh all-terrain vehicle. Courtney wants to practice, because she heard one of the Popular girls used to play semi-pro. Johnny doesn't think it's necessary. He asks what the WB sent over for Courtney to wear, because he needs a new mental image to jerk to that night. Courtney complains that the bikini they gave her will restrict her ability to jump. Johnny suggests she try it on and then continue her practicing. She smiles and doesn't. Dave walks up with a huge cardboard box containing his WB frog costume. He knows Johnny saw him walking through Parking Lot C -- why didn't Johnny pick him up? "I wasn't positive it was you," says Dave's alleged friend. Dave groans and leaves. Courtney wants to win the volleyball game so that Grosse Pointe will donate money for breast cancer research. "Hey...anything that benefits breasts is okay by me," says Johnny, grinning annoyingly, as he is wont to do. Courtney just rolls her eyes.

Show within a show time. Substitute Teacher Gander is telling Becky that her math grades are falling because of her relationship with Stone. Hunter falters on her line and starts crying. Rob cuts the scene and asks her what's wrong. "It's my mom," she starts. "Drinking again?" asks concerned Rob. No, it's just that Hunter's mom wants more than one line. "Well, I guess the custodian can also say something like, 'Let me get that trash out of here,'" says Rob considerately. Hunter suggests that Helena play Ms. Gander. Rob ignores the suggestion and starts the shooting again, but not before Quentin fits in another complaint about the woman playing Ms. Gander. Hunter starts crying during the scene again. Rob is exasperated.

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