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Elsewhere, Rob's listening as Joan the Scary Network Executive is waxing orgasmic about the "Kim-in-a-coma" episode. It's testing through the roof and everyone at the network "love love loves" it. "Well, what's not to love about terminal illness," Rob ironically quips. "Exactly," says Joan. Heh. I love it when Rob spouts his venomous commentary at people and they totally don't get it. Probably because I do this all the time and there are only about three people on the planet who get it when I do it. Gives me intense pleasure, believe you me. Joan tells Rob that the network is setting up two 900 numbers; call one and Kim lives, call the other and Kim dies. The network is heavily promoting this on billboards and radio ads, and they're even getting the numbers put on sandwich wrappers at Subway®. Rob's stunned because he didn't know the WB had promotional dollars for stuff like this. "Oh, we don't," says Joan. "It's all trade. So you have to write an episode about a Subway® turkey sandwich on wheat, but it doesn't have to be an A story." Ha ha and ha.

Rob wholeheartedly approves of this gimmick and says so. Imagine his chagrin when Joan tells him that it's no gimmick. "Wait a minute," he says, stopping her. "So, what, after three years on the show, one of our main characters might just suddenly disappear?" "In a ratings bonanza!" Joan says, her already huge mouth opening wider. She is a bad, scary woman. Save me, Hank4.

In a classroom across town, a goateed man is talking about how he had two choices: saving his job or keep doing the cleaning lady. Ah. I see we're at the "Sex Obsessives Anonymous" meeting. Quentin enters and takes a seat at the back as the guy says, "My boss fired me right there on the spot. You know what happened next? I did 'em both at the same time." Okay, A) I am loving this episode and secondly, I am LOVING this episode.

The guy sitting next to Hairless moves over and says, under his breath, "I haven't had anonymous sex in eight months, how 'bout you?" "Oh, no," says Q, "I'm just here for research. For a film." "Yeah," says the guy, nodding his head. "We all are." Then he introduces himself as "Jason" and offers up a handshake. Q shakes his hand and realizes that it's none other than Jason Priestley sitting next to him. Q is suitably impressed. "Whoa! Jason Priestley! You're a sex freak?" he says. "Sex addict," Jason corrects him. "And it's 'Jason P.' Remember, this is 'Sex Obsessives Anonymous.' What goes on in here, stays in here." "I've been in hotels with that policy," sleazes Hairless. Okay, I say "sleazes," but really, Q's cracking me up so far and not skeeving me out like he usually does. Let's hope it stays that way.

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