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Anyway, Quentin's visage appears on the little TV in the corner. He's now being referred to as "actor/hero," and the woman he "saved" is being interviewed about how great he is. Then the newscaster implores anyone with information about the crime to call their crime hotline: "1-800-CRIME." Heh. Dat's funny. "Oh my God, Quentin!" Marcy gushes. "You're a hero!" Quentin blushes. Coco glares.

Coco keeps up the visual daggers later on the set as Hairless is being interviewed by Katie Wagner from the TV Guide Channel. After expressing that he just has to put himself out there when he sees people in duress, Hairless states that he's offering $100,000 to the person who can find the perpetrator. After the interview is over, Coco's hammering away at Quentin and his dishonest ways. Only she's wearing these really hip sparkly brown pants and she looks really good in them, so her tirade is kind of getting lost in the fashion shuffle. "Face up to your actions!" she says, grabbing him. "People need their heroes, Coco!" Q argues. "Don't take that away from them!" Another guy from TV Guide comes over and shakes Q's hand, calling him a hero. Coco walks away in utter disgust.

Over at craft services, Dave's pouring himself a nourishing bowl of Alpha Bits and commenting on how Quentin's getting a ton of play with this whole hero thing. Clueless says that he'd better enjoy the press while he can because after next week, no one's going to be paying any attention to him. "Dude, what're you talking about?" asks Dave. "Well," explains Johnny, "I've been complaining to Rob about having to keep doing scenes with Marcy, so now he's delivering Sarah Michelle Gellar." "Huh?!" says Dave around a mouthful of Alpha Bits. "Haven't you heard, bud?" says Johnny. "She's gonna be on the show. I'm gonna get me some-a Buffy's muffy." Ew. Just then, Hunter walks up and hears the "muffy" thing and snickers. "Not so fast, hotshot," she says, digging through the Power Bar bowl. "She's not coming on the show for you. She's coming on as a love interest for Marcy. Didn't you know? Marcy and Sarah Michelle are having a thing." And Hunter, having dropped her lesbian bomb, walks off. Johnny and Dave look at each other. "No way," says Clueless, licking his chops. "Dude, that's not right," says Dave, still chomping his way through the Alpha Bits.

Kevin enters Rob's office as Rob is enjoying yet another plate of food. Kev hands Rob a bunch of Polaroids of costume ideas for SMG that wardrobe wants Rob to take a look at. Rob's very pleased with himself and the SMG-on-GP idea. He lays out the pictures and asks Kev which outfit is more appropriate for a lesbian kiss. "Is she supposed to be butch-y or femme-y," asks Kevin. Rob's not sure yet. In fact, he hasn't even come up with a story idea. "I mean, what really motivates two high-school girls to kiss each other?" he wonders aloud. Kevin thinks for a moment, almost isn't going to say it, but then, oh, then he opens his big fucking mouth again and says, "Um, did you ever see the movie Bound?" Rob, of course, hasn't seen the film, because he's been living in an underwater cave for the past thirty-five years and doesn't know film from his own backside. Kev then tells Rob the entire plot of the movie, and leaves Rob's office wallowing in a pool of self-loathing.

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