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Pinch-hitting for the pink team

Kevin enters the soundstage and hands some random guy a piece of paper, which the random guy then balls up and tosses away. For some reason, this cracks me up. It has nothing to do with anything at all other than the fact that Kevin gets absolutely no respect from anyone. At all. ANYWHERE. Rob walks up and says, "Well, now what?" I guess he means the whole SMG conundrum. "Don't ask me," snips Kevin. "What's got into you all of a sudden?" Rob asks. "Look," says Kevin, acting for all the world like an ignored girlfriend. "I'm not sharing my thoughts with you anymore. You don't take me seriously." "What do you mean?" Rob says. "Of course I take you seriously." "No!" whines Kevin. "You treat me like a child, but I'm an adult! I'm a person of value and it's time you started giving me credit for that!" "Okay!" says Rob, surprised. "Well, I resolve to...try harder." Kevin, who can't believe he just yelled at his boss and got away with it, says thank you and walks away. Rob, who can't believe he just had a conversation with a PA that resembled an argument he had with his high-school girlfriend Peggy when she failed to make the debate team and Rob told her it was because she wasn't smart enough, stands alone in the hallway and immediately forgets the promise he made to Kevin less than two seconds ago.

Cut to the set where a Brad scene is being filmed. Brad's lounging on his bed reading a book. His father enters and wants to talk to him. And here's where Brad and his father repeat the Kevin and Brad conversation verbatim. Down to the pauses and facial expressions, but with the addition of a hug, which I'm sure Not-Gay-Dad is thoroughly enjoying. Kevin, who's standing behind Rob, makes a grunting noise as he makes the mental decision to seal his lips with Super Glue, and then hunkers off the soundstage.

Next week on Grosse Pointe: I mean, tonight on Grosse Pointe. Hell, in four hours on Grosse Pointe, the Barracuda meets Dweezil Zappa, falls in love, and gets married. All in about the same time it takes for you to say "Moon Unit Zappa." Elizabeth Berkley makes an appearance, bringing the total celebrity-guest-star head count to four. I consider buying stock in Absolut, because I'm just about to go out and buy a case to get me through the next forty-eight hours.

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