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Prelude To A Kiss

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Prelude To A Kiss

Back in the producer's office, Hunter decides to proceed without Quentin. Well, actually, she says, "Screw Quentin. I can speak for both of us. And we don't want this kiss to happen." Rob and Hope play with pencils they obviously have never used, and Rob tells Hunter that the network really wants it. Hunter says, "Who cares what the network wants? It's not even a real network." Hee. Hunter's using the fans as an excuse for her jealousy, saying that the fans don't want to see "Becky" dumped on again. Rob uses another lame fictional "story arc" thing to distract Hunter from her tirade. When Hunter forces him to be more specific, Hope jumps in and offers up a confrontation between "Becky" and the guys who gang-raped her last season. Unfortunately, since "Becky's" testimony put them behind bars for life, a confrontation is less than likely, according to Hunter. Hope says that they escaped. Hunter declares that this is still "victimy," something that she's sworn "Becky" would never be again. But Hunter pauses and says, " I get to shoot them in the groin?" Hope and Rob jump at the chance to accede to Hunter's bizarro wishes and, really, just want to get her the hell out of their office, so they agree to this eventual storyline.

On the set, Johnny and Quentin are gearing up for a scene of shooting hoops. The markers go off and the scene starts. "Brad" says, "I just feel like...Kim and I are meant to be together." And then he goes off on some sort of metaphysical, planes-in-alignment speech that I pay no attention to because I've just become aware that Tori2's character has a name! "Kim"! I'm so excited that I completely ignore the rest of this scene and therefore have to rewind the tape in order to recap it...well, actually, I don't really have to recap this scene within a scene because it's stupid and the only funny thing about it is that "Brad" and "Stone" keep acing baskets, but it's really Johnny and Quentin tossing the balls willy-nilly and some key-grip or PA is dropping balls into the basket so it looks like they're effortlessly scoring basket after basket. Hee.

There's a sound problem, and the scene cuts while they re-set. Quentin asks Johnny if he's got any Altoids because he's got his big make-out scene with Courtney later. Johnny goes ballistic. Or at least he looks mildly upset and purses his bee-stung lips more than usual. Johnny tells Quentin that just because he gets Courtney on TV, doesn't mean he actually gets her. Eloquence in spades, people. "It's pretend," says Johnny, "like your hair." Har. Behind the camera, Skittish is laughing his ass off while he listens into this conversation, as well he should. Hunter walks up and Skittish immediately shuts up. Hunter asks Skittish, "What's so funny?" Skittish responds, "Your fat ass." Okay, so he doesn't say that. So he says, "Nothing." So what? It's what he was thinking...

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