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Prelude To A Kiss

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Prelude To A Kiss

Meanwhile, Courtney's sitting in her chair, going over lines that no one will ever pay any attention to. Hunter slimes up and tells Courtney that she's "so excited" for Courtney's kissing scene and that she thinks it's "so great." Courtney's still stuck on this whole "rehearsal" thing and complains that she wishes they'd at least gotten a chance to run over it together before shooting. IT'S THE WB, COURTNEY. Wake up and smell the schmaltz. Courtney's also worried that her character, whom she originally thought was going to be a role model, is turning out to be, well, a "bitch." Does this woman own a TV? Has she heard of Dynasty? Dallas? Dawson's Creek? God. Courtney says, "No one is this manipulative in life." Hunter, proving her wrong, says, "It's erupting again." Courtney doesn't know what she's talking about. Hunter looks at her. "The thing. On Quentin's lip. Herpes."

Courtney obviously panics, and Hunter tells Courtney that she heard that Quentin got it from kissing his pig. Courtney states that she's going to go talk to Quentin. Hunter tells her that Quentin will just deny it and that whenever she has to kiss Quentin and he has an "active" sore (EW), she goes to Rob and Hope for a rewrite. Then Hunter undermines Courtney's ability to go to Hope and Rob for a rewrite by stating, "I guess you're not in a position to complain here." Skittish scrambles up and tells Courtney that she's up. "Oh, well," says Hunter. "The show must go on." Courtney contemplates her future mouth-sore-sucking future.

After the commercial break, Quentin saunters past Johnny and pointedly sprays breath freshener into his mouth as he passes. Johnny glares after him. Courtney walks up to Quentin and asks him if there's anything he wants to tell her about kissing him. Quentin tells her that she can pull on it as hard as she wants. Now, if I didn't tell you that he was indicating his hair at this moment, you'd all be thinking something completely different, now wouldn't you? Uh-huh. Courtney tells him she meant his herpes. Quentin looks stunned. "What?" he stammers. "This is a cut." Courtney tells him that's not what she heard. Quentin tells Courtney about the basketball incident and that Hunter is totally jealous. Courtney can't believe that Hunter's jealous of her. Quentin informs Courtney that without the love affair with "Stone," Hunter's character is toast. Quentin then says, "I swear. I have never, EVER, had herpes...on my lip." Ohhhhh...heh. And double heh. Courtney's all relieved and she and Quentin get ready for their scene.

On some dimly lit bedroom set, "Laura" lounges on a bed in some ridiculous lingerie as "Stone" enters. "Laura" tells "Stone" that she knew he'd come. "Stone" grabs onto the edge of the bed as if he's bracing for The Perfect Storm and tells "Laura" to stop showing up at the tire factory because apparently, it's not "cool." "Laura" tells "Stone" that she knows he wants her and that "Becky" doesn't have to know. "Stone" says it's not his style and looks soulfully away at the floor, not noticing the cockroach that's apparently scrambling all over this set in search of more filth than the script can provide. "Laura" pulls "Stone" to her, saying, "Well, maybe this is more your style." And, with Hunter and Johnny looking on from the sidelines, Courtney pulls Quentin to her and Quentin sticks his tongue out far enough to reach the Olympic Torch in Sydney and put it out. Courtney manages to keep her mouth shut as much as possible, but Quentin's wily tongue just won't be denied. I think he's tasting the contents of her stomach. Good thing the last time she ate was 1989.

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