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Prelude To A Kiss

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Prelude To A Kiss

The scene ends when "Brad" enters and discovers them. Rob comes onto the set and tells Johnny that they need a little less anger and a little more surprise. Hope sits down next to Courtney and tells her that they need a little less surprise and a little more passion. And then Hope adjusts Courtney's negligee so more cleavage is showing. As if Hope's cleavage alone isn't enough for the entire cast of Grosse Pointe.

Tori2 enters the set with huge hamster-wheels on her head, and a camera operator asks her if people can bring dates to her party. Tori2, knocked off her ass at the realization that EVERYONE is coming to this stupid event, including the crew, responds, "Um, sure." The camera operator yells out to everyone that they can bring dates, and Tori2 skitters off.

On an empty soundstage nearby, Tori2 enters and shuts a heavy door behind her. She walks to the middle of the soundstage, stops, and screams for a good ten seconds. She seems to feel better after this and returns to the Grosse Pointe soundstage.

At the premiere party later that night, Tori2 sits by herself in an immensely ugly purple halter and gold lamé pants. DTSI enters and Tori2, thinking that DTSI and Johnny are joined at the hip, says, "Dave! Hi! Did you come with Johnny?" Way to make a stand-in feel welcome, Spastic. DTSI tells Tori2 that he came by himself. Taking a seat, DTSI says that even if Johnny doesn't show, this entire thing is "totally happening." Tori2 says, "I'm such an idiot. I only threw this party so that I could spend time with Johnny and now he's not even here." DTSI tells her that she's not an idiot. Tori2 avers that she is, because all she ever does is try to get people to like her. And DTSI is so cute at this point, trying to tell Tori2 that Johnny is so into his own deal that he's all about Johnny, and that Tori2 deserves better. DTSI tells Tori2 that she's generous and nice. Tori2 gushes that she tells herself that all the time, but that it sounds so much better when someone else says it. And here, DTSI gets even cuter, because he's suddenly having a guilt issue and is about to tell Tori2 about taking the money from her purse, and I completely want to hug him at this point, but then Johnny "I've Got Wood" shows up and Tori2 drops DTSI like a dung-covered Twinkie.

Tori2 jumps up and takes Johnny to the sushi selection. Johnny's response? "Got any pizza?" Does anyone have an AK-47 handy? Tori2 runs off in search of her sense of self, and some pizza, while Hunter bellies up to a bowl-sized martini and her diminishing career. Quentin approaches her and the following conversation ensues:

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