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Two angry women. Three tons of mud. Add water and stir.

Jonah mercifully yells, "Cut!" and tells the crew to print it. He walks over to the girls. "Great work, ladies. I actually believed you hated each other. See? All you need was a little push. Nice working with you," he finishes. And then he's off, with Hunter and Courtney staring after him. After they call him a myriad of insulting names, all of which he deserves, they manage to compliment each other on their performances and wander off to seek out their ultimate destinies as useless puppets in the acting world.

Later that night, Hairless and Rob are entertaining two young ladies who undoubtedly have no brain matter of which to speak. Over in a corner somewhere, Courtney and Marcy are discussing Courtney's smackdown of Hunter. Courtney's upset because she got into a fight. "I'm so ashamed. My dad used to say, 'The only time people should fight is when they're wearing uniforms and dropping bombs on the Kuwaiti desert.'" Okay, that's sick and wrong and not of the Lord, but it's still damn funny.

Courtney goes on to say that she has bad taste in men, and Marcy and Courtney make a pact to only date nice men from now on. Yeah, I've made that pact before. And it got me Hank4. Oh, hush, sweetie. Go eat your chicken potpie...

Meanwhile, back at Rob's table of potential lust, he's asking if anyone wants another drink. Everyone does. Rob gets up to retrieve them. The hell? This is Hollywood, dude! Where's the fucking waiter? There are BILLIONS of waiters/actors and waitresses/actresses who are just WAITING to take your goddamn drink order. Why in the hell is a powerful producer like Rob getting up and going to the bar? Didn't he see The Player?

Somewhere else in the bar, Dave is packing what I believe to be Marcy's gift into a Victoria's Secret bag and looking over at Marcy as he does so. Hunter walks up and interrupts this adorable little moment by saying, "Dave! I just talked to a friend of mine who takes Pilates with Anne Heche." Dave's response? "Ruh-roh." Oh, he is MINE, I tell you, MINE. Any guy who can quote "Astro" from The Jetsons just has to be mine...Hunter says that this friend of hers saw Dave selling Hunter's vast collection of fuck-me-wear. "How much did you make?" asks Hunter. "Two hundred bucks," Dave confusedly responds. "Cough it up," says Hunter. "I already spent it," says Dave. "On a present." Dave wisely judges by the look on Hunter's face that he should tell her it's a present for HER, and not his beloved Marcy. He hands over the Vicky's bag. "Thanks for hiring me," he flounders. Hunter's dumb enough to be impressed by this and hugs Dave as a thank you. Hunter promptly looks in the bag, admires the silk jammies, and notices that they're not her size. "Go exchange it," she says, shoving the bag at Dave's chest.

Dave leaves, revealing Rob at the bar, paying up for two Buds and two white wines. He confidently grabs one of each in each hand and turns from the bar, only to witness Hairless leaving the bar with both the women. Hairless sees that Rob sees him and just shrugs in apology. Um. Can someone explain the magnetic attraction that women apparently feel toward this fashion-impaired, motorcycle-riding, hippie-talking, balding FREAK? If someone can explain it, please LET ME KNOW. Because I am truly baffled.

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