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Two angry women. Three tons of mud. Add water and stir.

Next week on Grosse Pointe: Stone confesses to Becky that he and Laura were never sleeping together. Not because they didn't want to, but because Stone is...gulp...impotent. Stone grabs one of the posts of Becky's bed and rubs his hand up and down it as he says, "Do anything you want...nothin' will happen...I'm like a sailboat without a good to anybody..." Becky runs up to him and says, "Oh, Stone...we're gonna get you through this." Stone embraces Becky tightly as someone calls "Cut!" Hairless looks out beyond the set, the expression on his face suggesting that he's none too pleased with this current storyline. Rob, the focus of his irritation, just removes his headphones and shrugs in apology. Hee.

Next week (for real): It's a repeat! Oh holy mother! I get a Sunday off! case you're all wondering, it's a repeat of the initial "Pilot" episode. If you wish to spare yourselves the actual viewing of it, you can always read the recap...

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