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Anyway. After laying the groundwork for what he hopes will be an evening spent making the beast with two backs, Meat walks off and tries to remember where he parked his cerebral cortex. Schmarce doesn't follow, having finally listened to her good-girl voice. "Brady, wait," she says. "I can't do this. I'm sorry. I've gotta stop saying I'm sorry. Look. Can you do me a favor? If it ever comes up, could you just tell Johnny that we slept together?" Meat, obviously, says, "What?" Marcy tells him it's a long story, then bends over and...TAKES HER PANTIES OFF AND GIVES THEM TO MEAT! Damn, I hope those were clean. Meat doesn't, but I do. Marcy tells him they're for his collection and then she returns to her trailer.

Meat walks off and bumps into Rob and Kevin just as he's shoving Schmarce's pink thong into his breast pocket.

Rob's very happy to see him. "Hey! Good work, Brady! Thanks again!" Rob slathers all over Meat. Meat is too busy thinking about adding Marcy's gift to his Panty Bible to respond and he just walks off. Rob and Kevin watch him go. "You don't think Brady's ass looks flat, do you?" Rob asks Kevin. Kevin looks like a DC-10 just parked on his nuts. "No," he stutters. "No. I guess's..." I'll tell you what it is. It's Kevin having no more then ten words in this entire episode and still managing to entertain me almost more than anyone else on the show. "Welcome to the WB. What would you like to order?" "I'll have eight Kevins, two Daves, a Marcy, a Hunter and please hold the Johnnys and the Quentins. Wait. Make that half a Johnny. No Quentins. And can I get fries with that?"

Next week: It's already come and gone, people. It's now Thursday night. The night AFTER the last reruns. So we have a BRAND NEW EPISODE to look forward to next week. Thank God. Because my ass gets so damn lazy without a strict writing schedule...

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