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Back on the set, Court, Hunter, and Hairless are shooting a scene. The shot starts, and Laura walks off. Why was she even there? She has, like, one line and leaves. Whatever. Anyway, Becky and Stone are talking about the hot sex they had last night and how Becky wants to try it again tonight. The scene's amazingly stupid, so I won't repeat it. The director cuts the scene as Kevin brings Hunter a big brown envelope from her lawyer. She rips it open and flings a document at Rob. Turns out Hunter's been doing more in her off hours than sucking down kidney beans and broccoli. She's slapped Hairless with a restraining order that prohibits him from coming within fifteen feet of her. "So," she simpers, "can I assume I'm wrapped for today?"

After this little interlude, Hunter and Hairless are leaving the set. "Uh, excuse me, TOO CLOSE!" Hunter yells. "I'm going to my trailer," states Hairless. "Yeah, well, you'll do it at least FIFTEEN FEET BEHIND ME," she says, and stalks off. "Fine!" shouts Hairless. "From way back here I won't have to suck your exhaust!" Chalk another point up on the likeability boards for ol' Hairless.

A little later, Schmarce and Meat are walking along, having a completely useless conversation that includes the following items: holidays, Tahoe, parents' cabin, never seen you, a ring that makes Meat invisible, and Marcy asking to borrow said ring so she can follow Meat around without being noticed. While Hank4 slaps me on the back to keep me from choking on my Cheetos, Schmarce and Meat stop in front of Johnny's trailer. Kevin runs by and stops the flirt-fest cold when he calls Schmarce to the set. Meat watches Schmarce as she runs off to grab a clue. Or her pom-poms. Or something like that.

"Man," salivates Meat, "cannot wait to get on that!" Johnny asks what he's talking about. Meat baffles Dickless by announcing that Marcy's fiiiiiine. "For real?" Dickless sputters. "Whenever I do these quickie guest spots," says Meat, "I always end up nailing my leading lady." Dave dons his tarnished armor and makes a stand on behalf of Marcy's virtue. "Marcy's not like that," he says. Not exactly jousting for the heart of the queen, but it'll have to do for the moment. Meat informs the boys that he always gets his conquests to give him a pair of their panties as a souvenir. I won't even begin to get into how nasty this is. Meat won't name any names, but he will say that he's taken a little dip in Dawson's Creek. After dropping this Fat Man onto the Loungers' Club, Meat saunters off. Dickless turns to Dave. "Dude. Did he just say he had sex with Dawson?" No, Dickless. But, ew anyway.

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