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We finally get a commercial break, wherein Hank4 and I load up on Spanish olives, Diet Coke, pepper crackers, and mozzarella cheese, and vow to do a Web Van order ASAP.

After the break, we're watching a touching scene between Becky and Brad regarding Brad's betrayal by Kim. Brad says, "Why does such a beautiful word as 'infidelity' have such a painful meaning, sis?" Gotta say, I love how the writing on the show within the show is so blatantly cheesy. It's way over the top. But not by much.

As Becky tells Brad about her trials and tribulations with Stone, the shot opens up, and Courtney's there as Laura. Brad's hand is gratuitously massaging her shoulder, indicating that Dickless still hasn't given up on the whole Courtney possibility. The Non-Gay Dad enters and orders Brad and Laura downstairs for dinner. Dad's overheard Becky's conversation and tells her that as long as she lives in his house, she's not allowed to go within fifteen feet of Stone. The director cuts as we see Rob exhaustedly shaking his head at the idiotic things he has to write for this show. He can't see me, but I'm shaking my head at the idiotic things he has to write for this show too.

Later, Court's reading the beer commercial script out loud to Johnny and Hunter while they're waiting to be called for their scenes. Needless to say, Court's not the best at Japanese. "What's it mean?" Dickless asks. "Great taste or less filling?" Oh, har har and HAR, Dickless! That is just soooo damn funny I forgot to laugh. Hunter says, "It probably says, 'Hi. I'm doing this commercial because Sarah Michelle Gellar turned it down.'" Heh. Court informs Hunter that it actually says, "Ms. Popularity enjoys drinking Sabijiko beer."

Kevin then enters with an entire case of Sabijiko beer and a group of Japanese businessmen. I've just noticed that Court is sporting hideous argyle tights, a cleavage-rich top, platform shoes, and hair bigger than the Continental Divide. Note to self: post something about this ridicule-bound outfit on the boards. NOW.

Kevin mumbles his way through, "Hey, Courtney, here's, like, beer, and...unhh...this..." and indicates the businessmen. Bob-san approaches and tells Courtney that he brought enough beer for her and all her co-workers. "No thanks," says Hunter. "I already had a six-pack at the bowling alley." She trips off as poor Bob-san looks sadly after her. Schmarce enters, and Court asks her if she wants a beer while Kevin hands them out. Hello? Drinking on the set anyone? Last time I checked, Hollywood was fairly lenient in regard to alternative substances, but they certainly wouldn't allow an actor to drink on the goddamn set. Before entering the set? Sure. After leaving the set? You bet. But whilst ON THE SET? I don't think so.

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