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Okay, so Dave and Johnny are sitting in Johnny's trailer, watching the crying scene. Since he just shot the damn thing earlier that day, I'm assuming this is a tape and we are not catching up with Dave and Johnny weeks after the fact. Dave's still moping about his sad state of existence, while Johnny's all jazzed up because of the crying scene and the proof that he's got more power around the set than Hunter does.

Over in Hunter's trailer, Schmarce and the Barracuda are watching the same thing as Dave and Johnny. At exactly the same point in the scene. So, while I'm hoping that maybe, just maybe, they're watching a tape that they started watching AT EXACTLY THE SAME TIME AS DAVE AND JOHNNY, an announcer says, "Stay tuned for scenes from next week's Grosse Pointe." Oh, you have GOT to be kidding me. These things are taped weeks in advance. Are you honestly telling me that it's, like, three weeks later? Because this I do NOT believe. Hunter's crying, and Schmarce asks if she's still upset about Dave. Okay, so maybe it is weeks later. Could someone, say, CLUE US IN ON THAT? What, is this Real World or something? Hunter claims that it was just the sad Grosse Pointe that's bringing tears to her eyes. Schmarce excitedly checks the chat boards to see what the fans are saying about her new storyline. Unfortunately, the fans would really appreciate it if Kim would just drop dead. Awwww, Schmarcy...she looks so sad...Buck up, little soldier! Look what leaving 90210 did for Tori Spelling. Oh. Sorry.

Next week on Grosse Pointe: Okay, so it's tomorrow. Sorry. I'm a bit behind. But this should be a good one. Hairless gets nabbed with a hooker and gets sent to Sex Addicts Anonymous, where he meets Jason Priestley. Rock on.

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