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Love stinks

Kristin and Coco finish up the scene, and Kristin's all nice and complimentary to Coco as Rob pretty much dribbles praise all over Kristin. Then he asks her to stop by his office later. He would have asked her out, I think, if Kevin weren't standing right behind him, breathing down his neck. Kristin agrees, and Rob leaves as Kevin approaches Kristin with her falafel and hummus platter. She claims she's not hungry and walks off. Kevin, ever the starving PA, digs in.

Outside at the cafeteria area, Dave's eating his lunch as Kevin walks up with his half-eaten falafel plate. Kev takes a seat and asks Dave what's up. Dave says, "I don't know, man. I'm driving a Porsche. I'm dating a TV star. Hunter's trying to get me a part on the show. It's like everything I wanted is happening, but I'm not happy. What's that about?" And even though poor Kev's probably wishing he'd never asked the question in the first place, he eloquently responds to Dave's complaints, "Ennui." Dave, who's usually not stupid, just shakes this answer off and continues to bitch about how he thinks he'd be happy if this whole thing were happening with Marcy and not Hunter. Kevin, who's pretty much had enough of Dave and his namby-pamby "why doesn't Marcy love me?" whiny-ass bullshit, snaps that Dave's got to learn to accept the fact that Hunter digs him and Marcy doesn't. Then he looks down at his licked-clean falafel plate and states with a grimace, "Man, this falafel's nasty." Didn't he realize it was nasty after the first bite? I mean, it doesn't take eight falafels porked down your throat to determine that the falafels suck ass. You pretty much know it after one bite. Someone tells Kevin over his walkie-talkie that Rob wants his script, so he leaves, taking his colon with him.

Kev then drops Rob's requested script on the desk and starts to leave the office. Before he can make it out the door, however, his intestines kick into high gear and he scrambles into Rob's bathroom. And, even though we know what he's doing in there and why and even though nobody really wants to see Kevin sitting on the toilet, even if the lid's down and he's just hanging out in there while someone else is brushing their teeth or shaving, we are treated to a full frontal from the waist up view of Kevin sitting on the can, breathing a sigh of relief. Gross. Kev then gets called to the set and responds, "Uhn. Okay. I'm just dropping something off in Rob's office." Gross. Gross but funny.

Out on the lot, Schmarce runs into Dave and asks him when he's going to take her for a ride in his new car. Dave whines that he hopes she's not going to give him crap about the car too. Man, Dave is just bitching and moaning his way through this entire episode. If he keeps this up, I'm going to have to start referring to him as "Bitch-Boy," a name I usually reserve for Sandman when he's in one of his PMS moods. Don't be fooled, people; guys get PMS too. And it ain't pretty. Schmarce tells Dave that she thinks it's great that Hunter gave him the car. "I mean, at first when she read me the letter, I thought she was going to break your heart but, she seems to really care about you," says Schmarce. Dave stops cold. "What letter?" he asks, squinting. "You know," says Schmarce. "The one you wrote on her computer." She repeats the contents of the letter that Dave stupidly left on Hunter's computer. As she's talking, it dawns on her that Dave doesn't look so hot and she asks him if he's okay. And Dave turns to Marcy and says, "Sure. I'm okay. I'm perfectly okay for someone who's sleeping with an utter bitch just because I was too damn stupid to use a pen and a piece of paper and then, you know, HIDE THE NOTE SOMEWHERE SAFE, or, better yet, JUST ASK YOU OUT, WHICH IS ALL I'VE EVER WANTED TO DO BECAUSE I LOVE AND ADORE YOU." Okay, so he doesn't say that. He just stalks off, leaving Schmarce to wonder what's up with him. Whatever.

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