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Love stinks

Meanwhile, back in Bowel City, Kevin's finishing up dropping falafel bombs into Rob's toilet. They actually SHOW Kevin getting OFF THE TOILET and PULLING UP HIS PANTS. He goes to flush and nothing happens. I mean, there's noise and flushing going on, but we're to assume that, because Kevin starts hurriedly pushing the handle, his little "package" is having difficulty disappearing into the California sewage system. Then, THEN, we get POO'S POINT OF VIEW. From deep within the toilet bowl, the poo looks up at Kevin, and Kevin looks down at the poo in panic. Okay, I'm a huge fan of scatological humor. Hank4 and I have farting contests on a regular basis. I usually lose because Hank4's ass is louder than a Lear jet, but we still giggle uncontrollably as we try to out-do each other with our butts. However, this whole "POO VIEW" thing is really, REALLY grossing me out right now. I mean, I laughed during Dumb and Dumber when Jeff Daniels was having his colon explosion on the toilet, I really did. But for some reason, Kev and his falafel fiasco is giving me the willies.

Anyway, nothing's happening in the toilet other than some gurgling poo bombs floating around, so Kevin, being a stand-up kind of guy, drops the lid down on the toilet and beats the hell out of Rob's office, running into Kristin Davis on the way out. Now, are you paying attention? Can you guess what's coming? Thaaaat's right. Kristin goes into Rob's office, sees that he's not around, and helps herself to the vanity mirror in his bathroom. Does she have a nose? Can't she smell the eau de falafel? Damn. I'd be making all sorts of faces at the stench and trying to locate the nearest stick of incense if I were her. Rob enters, and he and Kristin have this kind of mutual-admiration-society conversation wherein they tell each other how great the other person is, and they keep chit-chatting about nothing whatsoever until Rob finally brings up the whole Letterman and the ex-boyfriend thing, which leads to him finally, MERCIFULLY, asking her out to dinner for the following night. It would appear that Kristin Davis has recently had her left frontal lobe removed for scientific research, because she actually agrees to go out with Rob. Kevin arrives and performs his deus ex machina job by telling Kristin that she's wanted on the set. Kristin leaves and -- are you ready? Rob enters his bathroom to pee, opens the lid, and comes face to face with the odiferous contents of Kevin's digestive tract.

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