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Love stinks

Elsewhere on the soundstage, Hairless runs up to Rob and reminds him that tonight's the big night. Rob looks less than pleased, which Hairless shrewdly observes. Rob tells Hairless about the whole falafel log incident. "Her business got lodged in my toilet," he concludes. "Oooh," says Hairless. "What business is she in?" God, he's a head case. Hairless clues in quickly. "Oh! I see. We're talking Smellrose Place," he quips. Not bad for an idiot. He continues to razz Rob about the poo until Rob finally demands that he stop it. He says that he was really looking forward to this date, but now all he can think about is the poo. Um. Up to this point, did you think that Kristin Davis didn't actually HAVE internal organs? It's called waste product, Rob, everyone has it, including you, and everyone has to get rid of it. Some get rid of it in a much stinkier fashion than others, but we all do it, dude. Except for Ralph Fiennes. He doesn't shit. Ever.

So, now we move onto the scene where Coco as Laura as "Chastity" puts the moves on her first client. Schmarce as Kim arrives and starts handing Laura a whole mess o' self-righteousness. And here we learn that Laura's not doing this for herself, she's doing this for Lavar, her six-month-old baby who's in foster care right now. And here is where Kristin Davis as the madam makes her entrance, wearing a skin-tight leather zippered outfit that looks like it belongs on a Hell's Angel wench, and Kristin utters a very funny line: "You better be lookin' for work or you just wandered into the wrong den of iniquity." Heh. Kim tries to haul Laura out of there, but before she can, the madam struggles with her and, with her supermadam strength, tosses poor Kimmy into the wall where she fall down and go boom. And, even though I'm pretty sure you can't die from knocking your forehead into balsa wood, the madam tells Laura and her blood-soaked hand to get rid of the dead body, thus ending another episode of "The Hopelessly Lame and Irretrievably Stupid."

Hairless is still giving Rob crap about the, uh, crap. Rob tells him to cut it out because he's had a crush on Kristin for seven years, and the idea of her having bodily functions kind of takes all the romance out of it for him. "Rob. Lighten up. Ladies are people too," says Hairless. Wow. Words of well-defined wisdom from Hairless? I think I need to go lie down. Hairless says that Rob has to go out with Kristin. "You gotta DO. YOUR. DUTY," he says forcibly. Then he walks off and just as I realize the double meaning of "duty" (as in "doody"), I hear Quentin laugh off-screen and I pat myself on the back for being so quick on the duty/doody pick-up.

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