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Shortly after this little interaction, Hairless sneaks into Rob's bathroom and starts plastering the walls with Kristin Davis pictures. So much for a little man-to-man support. While Q is gettin' busy in the bathroom, Rob's having his hair done in the make-up tent as the costumer bitches about Kristin Davis because she wants to keep the slutty madam dress for herself because she's got a hot date that night. Okay, Rob? Are you listening? Even if Kristin DID do a number in your bathroom, she thinks you're HOT. Are you getting this? WRITE IT DOWN.

As a security guard escorts Dave off the lot, Johnny pulls up in his Hummer and wants to know why Dave's using his Nike bag. Dave launches into his sob story, which prompts the security guard to say, "Damn. That is one sad story." This line enters into the cesspit that is Johnny's brain matter and starts to repeat, over and over again. Guess Johnny's got his sad story now.

Later on the set, Johnny's standing off to the side with tears streaming down his face. He turns around. Rob and the director see this and scramble to their headphones and monitors in order to start shooting the scene before Johnny's emotions run dry. The scene itself is your average "girl in coma, boyfriend sad, pray to God" kind of scene; the two things that set it apart are Johnny's stellar acting and Marcy's inability to stay still when Johnny's tears land on her face. The scene ends, and Rob congratulates Clueless on the great work. Clueless then tells Rob that he has to give Dave his job back because it's just too sad to think about anymore. Rob balks and tells Clueless that Hunter's really on the warpath. And, for once, Clueless surprises me. "Uh. I didn't know Hunter was the boss around here," he says, wiping his tears away as he walks off. Good one, Johnny. Rob obviously thinks so as well because he gets this look on his face like, "Yeah, just who the hell IS the boss around here anyway?"

After wrap, Rob and Kristin are walking down the hall to Rob's office so Rob can pick up his laptop before their date. It would appear that Rob's gotten over his little poo problem. However, poo issues notwithstanding, the outfit that Kristin Davis is sporting might make him reconsider. LOOK AT HER, ROB. She's wearing the "hot" dress with a cardigan sweater, headband and FLIP FLOP SANDALS. The hell? Are they TRYING to make Kristin Davis look like an ass? She's an adorable girl with a great figure and THIS IS WHAT SHE'S WEARING? Man, I'd like five minutes alone in a room with the costumer designer of this show. And after I'm done with them, I'll move onto the SATC designers. Anyway, Kristin needs to "freshen up" and asks to use his bathroom. This instills Rob with more poo paranoia, but he really needn't worry. Kristin opens the door to his bathroom and is confronted with acres and acres of her visage, thanks to Quentin. Kristin cancels the date and has this little mini-tirade about how she's a real person and pets her dog and eats pizza and how she wants to date someone who wants to get to know the real her. Yawn. Kristin exits in a huff and runs into Kevin, who stutters and stammers until Kristin declares that she's never doing this show again, to which Kevin just goes, "Uh."

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