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Let's see...what can I ask you that we can use...a lot of the posters were actually quite obsessed with Grosse Pointe, which is really neat, and they really miss it, and they want to know if you've heard any rumblings about if anybody else is gonna pick it up? I think ATG, which is the company that produced it, may try and see if somebody's gonna pick it up. But I'm not sure if anybody is gonna do it yet. I will let you know if I do find out that someone's picking it up. I'm so sorry I don't know anything... Well, the fans really want it back. They want it on HBO, because they want it to really go far. I know the people who were invested in the show were really upset about that cliffhanger, which just makes me laugh! We did it to upset people! That whole Hunter thing? People were gonna freak out! The truth is, what is the point? We're trying to get people involved and people would go, "I'm so angry! How could Dave do that?!" But then they would sort of admit that they couldn't wait to see what was gonna happen next, which was what we were going for, obviously. I loved that people cared. I loved that anybody at all cared, and the people who did were passionate. Boy, people really do check the boards, we all read the boards -- it really mattered. It definitely does. Especially if you're passionate about something you're working on, to see that other people are passionate too, it just makes you want to do more and work even harder. Yep. And here's the part where Robin and I chat about American High and how much we love Kaytee and which episode was our favorite. Again, totally NOT relevant in terms of the interview, but still really, really fun. We eventually moved on to the topic of writing for film and/or television, which brought us back to the interview. I think that strict writing -- I mean, writing strictly screenplays and television shows -- is very difficult. And I don't know that you get a lot of control. I think you're in a rare position, because you've been working at it for a long time and you have a reputation and you have control. Well, I do and I don't have control. The good thing about television is, sometimes you get on a show that they're fundamentally supportive of. Despite our cancellation, the WB loved the show and was really supportive of what we were doing creatively. They were also coming up with product at such a -- it's like trying to stop an express train rather than, maybe, a train that stops at the station. You're going so fast that you get control de facto, because there's not much they can do other than flap their arms and go, "WHAA!! What're you doing?!" And of course, you get respect over time. I mean, this is a business. Look, you know, they moved NYPD Blue! They don't respect Steven Bochco! So, I hardly have much control.

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