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And she's neurotic and she's crazy but she's so much fun and she's so worth it? Yeah! And Nancy was fantastic! She'd pull it off because she had so much fun! You completely understood why the guy was with her! So, we were basically forced to fire him or the show wouldn't get picked up. So here we were in this really horrible position of, do we now go back and tell everyone that the show is over because we wouldn't fire this actor, or do we -- and it just made me want to vomit. So, anyway, that was a time that I mourned, because I always felt like that was my whole annuity, that I would be working on that show for years; we had Nancy Travis, we had a great cast. Nobody else was doing it, no one! And I was in a complete state of shock. But that one, I was fairly devastated. The only thing that saved me was, it was, literally, the week that Almost Perfect got cancelled was when all that stuff went down with Romy and Michele, and had Almost Perfect not been cancelled, I wouldn't have been available to go in and re-cut Romy and Michele. But it's devastating. It's devastating. It's like, "What's wrong? I'm doing such great work!" And then Yes, Dear is staying on the air and Three Sisters is coming back -- Ugh! Three Sisters sucks ASS! It's like, I always call it "The Continuous Loop In Hell." And Three Sisters would be on my continuous loop in hell, and so would Just Shoot Me and Yes, Dear. These shows are just everything I hate and that I've gone out of my way to avoid, and yet, those shows are coming back. I just don't understand it. And there's no way to understand it. You just have to sort of find a way to move on. And some days are easier than others, boy. Though, if you get on a project you believe in and you get behind and you feel good about, then it almost negates those. It's like this Honey Vicarro pilot. It's such a cool idea -- I love it! It's really weird, though. Just for the tape, do me a favor and tell me again what Honey Vicarro is all about. Because I know, but the audience doesn't. Honey Vicarro is just this weird premise. The premise is that there was an actual detective television show in 1966 called Honey Vicarro that was like, Honey West. You know, a kick-ass female detective that's a combination of James Bond meets Mae West, and the show, at the time, was way too controversial, it was ahead of its time, there was a public uproar and the show was yanked off the air and "oh look, we found an endless supply of tapes" that, for some reason, they made a bunch of tapes. [laughs] So that's basically what the premise is. So it's like a TV show from the sixties, and Jenny McCarthy plays this woman who's a martial-arts expert, she owns a jazz club, but she's also a detective. It's very stylized, but there's something really kind of sweet about it. We've actually cast a couple of other parts beside Jenny. We cast this guy, Desmond Askew, who was in Go, that English kid --

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