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I think the show I'm assigned to next is The Agency. It's got Gil Bellows from Ally. I don't know much about it, but Sars just asked if I wanted to do it and she's all, "Dude, it's an hour. Can you handle it?" And then I'm all, "Dude. I just did an American High recap that's thirteen pages long! It's a twenty-two minute show!" I'm not sure I can do it. [laughing] But you know what? I guarantee you won't have as much to say about the hour know, the thing is, I think it has to be good for you to have ANYTHING to say about it. That's how I feel about it. When somebody has me read one of their screenplays, if it sucks, I literally have nothing to say. And if it's pretty good, but needs work, I just have TONS to say. It's the clarity of vision that just gives you a bunch of ideas. No, you're absolutely right. And you always did a really good job of nailing us when, generally, anything you made fun of, we sort of already knew, but that's why we thought it was funny. That's why. Because it was the funniness of identification. Well, not the funniness of identification as much know, it wasn't mean-spirited. You clearly really liked the show, and yet, just like everything in life, you're swinging for the fences, but sometimes you hit a foul, or you hit a double! That's the best you can do at the time. But I think we were pretty aware when we hit something, but you's like the guy who played "Quentin," Kohl Sudduth, was such a doll, as a human being, and you kept ragging on him in your recaps! You kept calling him "Hairless" and stuff! [laughing] And it was sort of -- Well, the thing is, I mean, that was the joke. On the show, they kind of almost made him look as unattractive as possible and it's like, poor baby! And it's even with Courtney, you know, she was so pretty! And then half the time, they put her in these slut-mo outfits and she was so cute! We did that. Not "they." WE. one point, we had these three-by-five cards on a bulletin board for story ideas. Every so often I'd just say to the staff, "All right, we're brainstorming. No censorship." So everybody would come up with one-line ideas, and then we'd have color-coded three-by-five cards about different characters and whatever. And at one point, I looked up on the board and I said, "You guys, if Bonnie comes in here, every idea we have involves her boobs."

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