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And working on that show, it know, it improved me in every single way. Even though we didn't have much of an audience, it was really just a boost to my career -- I truly think it extended my career. I feel like I contributed a lot, but I also learned an enormous amount. And I feel like I learned an enormous amount from Darren. That's so great. What an awesome relationship to have, you know? Okay...let's see...oh! Um, I was just talking to a friend of mine who asked who you were and what you'd done, and I told her that you'd written Romy and Michele's High School Reunion, and she was really excited about that. I mean, everyone I've told about you and about this interview just loves the idea that you wrote that movie, because everyone just loves that movie. Yeah, I just got such a...I was really happy with how that turned out. We had such a great cast. It accomplished everything I wanted it to accomplish. Was it actually from the play Ladies' Room? Was that what it was based upon? Or was it a totally different animal? It was a different animal. The only thing that overlapped is that "Romy" and "Michele" were characters in Ladies' Room. Ladies' Room is a play that I wrote, and it had a production in Los Angeles in '88-'89 and another production in San Francisco in '92. It was Lisa Kudrow's first job. Lisa Kudrow's first audition was for me. Wow! And "Romy" and "Michele" were minor characters in the play. The premise of the play was that it took place in a women's bathroom in a pick-up bar. I really wanted to write about how women talk when men weren't around. It was pretty filthy, but honest. And it was...I wrote how long ago was that now? I don't even want to think about it. But it was sort of like Sex and the City, Ally McBeal, but I did it twelve years ago. It all took place in this women's bathroom, and the main characters would...I decided I didn't want any blackouts other than the act break -- I don't even know why I made that decision, but I did -- so that when the main characters would exit into the pick-up bar, for something more to happen, I needed filler on the stage, and "Romy" and "Michele" were filler. Oh, how funny! My idea was that they would be best friends...this is what inspired me: I went one night to a bar and I went in the bathroom and there were all the toiletries, you know, when you tip the woman a dollar--

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