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Exactly. We're so much more fascinating, it takes people three times as long to understand us as it does men. Yep. We're more complex. Who was the director on that? Beeban Kidron? No. A guy named David Mirkin. Ah. Because I thought it would be fascinating to know that it was a male director and how he managed to wrangle all the women in that. That surprises me, that it was a guy, because I felt like it was very woman-centric. Well, the movie was testing really badly, like, disastrous numbers. And the other executive producer and I had some things that we wanted to try in the editing room. But the director wouldn't change anything. And, at one point, the studio authorized the other executive producer and I to go into the editing room and particularly work on the opening of the movie. And there was a lot of stuff that was left out that was some of my favorite stuff. I mean, there's a scene at the very beginning that really, to me, captured the intimacy of best friends. And it's when Mira Sorvino is standing in front of the mirror and she says, "I can't believe how cute I look!" And then Lisa Kudrow comes over and says, "I know! This is the cutest we've ever looked!" And the other one says, "Don't you just love how we can say that to one another and not be conceited?" And the other one says, "No! We're just being honest!" And I've literally had conversations like that with my girlfriends. And all you ever really see women do in movies and TV is, "I'm so fat! I'm so gross!" And that happens, but, you know, I'll call up my best friend and I'll go, "Oh my god! I look fantastic!" And that scene had been cut out of the movie! And when I asked why he'd cut it, he said that it was because the audience was going to hate them for saying they look great because they're so gorgeous. I said, "Gorgeous! They look like drag queens!" [laughing] Totally! I mean, they're both cute girls, they're really beautiful, but, particularly in those wardrobes, they look like freaks! Plus, at this point in the movie, we have to set up that they're in this little bubble with each other. So, when the director left the movie, I was able to put back everything I wanted. So Barry Kemp [the other executive producer] and I ended up making all of the final decisions, and the studio basically left us alone. It was really fun. So, even though this guy directed it, I really feel like it reflects the story that I wanted to tell because I was able to do the last cut.

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