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In a diner, a disturbingly polite young man named Duncan is there to meet Wilson. Wilson gives him a present. It's something called a Gamedeck, which Duncan already has. The waitress is impressed with it, though.

Taub tells Hatcher that his psych evaluation says he's happy. Hatcher knows about CTE and doesn't want an MRI. He already has plenty of evidence of head trauma.

Oh, we're back to Wilson. I was hoping we were done with this. They have awkward conversation and Duncan has to leave. Would Wilson like to hang out again? Tonight? He stammers a bit, but the answer is yes. Duncan will text Wilson.

Taub joins Chase in the MRI Scanning Booth. Apparently Chase convinced Hatcher to get the MRI after all, but he says the scan is clean. Taub disagrees and points to what he says is evidence of trauma. But it wasn't Hatcher after all! It was House in the MRI tube, laying a trap for Taub. But then: BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP! Chase announces that the patient's stroking out. Taub and Chase go to the patient, leaving House in the tube. Oh, the hijinks!

House himself studies Hatcher and announces that he didn't have a stroke, but he also doesn't have CTE. But he's definitely got something. Taub absorbs some abuse from House. Everyone but House leaves so Hatcher can tell him something. When House comes out, Taub suggests neurosyphilis. House tells Taub that Hatcher told him to apologize to Taub or he (Hatcher) would excrete down his (House's) neck. Chase pitches a bunch of medical stuff and House authorizes the treatment.

Cafe. House asks Wilson if he's miserable yet. Wilson says Duncan is polite and a straight-A student. House says he clearly doesn't need Wilson. Wilson insists that Duncan is nice. House says that it's a terrible idea. House accuses him of being jealous.

Wilson's place. They're making pizza. Wilson wants to know about Duncan. "I don't know. I'm a kid." A fair answer. He's willing to admit that he'd like some prosciutto and goat cheese, both things Wilson loves. Later, Wilson drives Duncan home and they talk about parents and Dijon mustard. We also see the product-placement logo of Wilson's car. Duncan gives Wilson a hug and says, "I love you, Dad." Wilson seems affected by some sort of emotion.

Patient's room. Taub tries to make small talk with Hatcher. He asks open-ended questions like, "Do you like it? Is it fun?" Hatcher apparently won a scoring title three years in a row as a kid. And then he started growing. And eventually, the only way he could get ice time was by fighting, not playing hockey. And now he can't feel his arms!

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