Hal And Hillary

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Hal And Hillary

Shaggy and Kikuki sit on the quad together being a cute little couple. She makes her translator say, "Hello," and mouths along with it while her ponytails act perky. Shaggy giggles and points to her knees. "Japa-knees!" he says triumphantly. Kikuki doesn't understand, so he tries to explain the difference between "Japanese" and "Japa-knees," and ends up figuring that it's best to do less talking and more slurping. So Digital Shaggy asks in Japanese if it's okay. "Proceed," DigiKuki says.

Steven and Heath are brushing their teeth in the bathroom when Lucien skulks in and decides it's a perfect time to get pissy. "What the hell, man, that's disgusting!" he shouts. Steven stares down at his sink area, which is covered in thick red hair shavings. They so clearly don't belong to Steven. He tries to explain that the guy with the huge red beard was just shaving in there, and said man even walks past Lucien, but he denies it and so Lucien's like, "Let's not play the blame game, Karp! I will write you up!" He's so venomous, but in the mildest way, like a snake that spits dish soap. Steven can't quite believe this and just stares blankly at Lucien.

Ron catches Rachel in their room, holding up Shaggy's translator in triumph. "You better put that back -- that's, like, the key to [Shaggy's] sex life," Ron warns. Rachel snits that he shouldn't have left it out in the open, because she considers "buried at the bottom of his backpack" to mean "out in the open." Nosy cow. Rachel grabs Ron and tells him they're about to have some fun. "We gonna make out?" he perks up. But instead, Rachel looks up Kikuki's number in Shaggy's planner and then calls her, letting Ron leave rude messages with the translator. He can barely contain his snorts of laughter while typing things like "I light my own farts" and "Where is the eel farm?" Rachel grabs it and types, "You think you are so hot, but you are so not," and snorts hysterically as she listens to it play. Ron hangs up the phone. "That was kind of mean," he derides, grabbing back the translator. Rachel can't believe her boobs alone didn't make that the funniest, cutest thing she's ever done. Her new hair wilts.

Steven grouses to Lizzie and Heath that he's getting vilified by Lucien because of his father. "Let's monkey-shine his ass," Heath says mischievously. Lizzie hates that idea, so Steven swears he won't do it. As soon as she leaves for class, though, Heath goes, "Are you a man or not?" Steven nods. "Monkey-shine," he giggles.

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